Beautiful Things

Beautiful things kill you.
Sometimes they are swift
And sometimes they take their sweet time.
But since we know
What we will find in the end,
We should like them with caution.
Take the snow for example,
The whiteness in front of you will seem pure,
And fluffy.
But once you taste its likeness to the raw edge,
You will run away from it,
Back to your grounds where spring stays forever.

Beautiful things despise the average things of world.
They do not know
That the world itself is average.
A pale reflection of what it was supposed to be.
It isn’t what we thought.
And it’s good because we have time.
I suppose we can make it whole
Before we give it to the ones
Who are next in line.
Thoughts are not beautiful
That’s why I have them.
It is noble that we should save the Earth.
I do not. We will not.

The Earth looks beautiful from space.
It should have beautiful things with it.
They should stay.
We are average folks and
This is the world we inherit.
We are meant to go.
Forever doesn’t mean being stubborn.
It means the beauty of moments shouldn’t stay.
We should go.

आज दुनिया का जादू हटाया जाए

आज दुनिया का जादू हटाया जाए,
आज इस शाम की कदर हो जाए।

नारों से मोहित जनता रस्ता देखे बहारों का,
बेहतर हो अगर क़यामत का इंतजार किया जाए।

खुदा, इंसान, शैतान; क्या बने फिरते हो,
तुम बिको औकात-अनुसार जे रूपया रब कहाए।

भूला दो गाय, सूअर, बकरो को,
मुद्दा इंसान है, इनपर विचार बतलाएं।

क्या पर्दे, हिजाब, नक़ाब करे हो,
हटाओ तो चेहरा नजर आये।


The paperboy comes in the morning
He throws a newspaper at wall
His aim is always perfect
I pick it up and see it
The paper is wrinkle free and crisp
The faces on it are laughing
The text is pitch black and small
The girl with the mobile phone is attractive
I like the way she smiles, Always
I keep the paper somewhere
I will come back to it
When i have time

I read the small black text
It is always people saying something
Something about promises
Something about killing someone
Something about money and sports
Something about the little world i live in
The black text
It eats my time
It unsettles me
It is not good
It’s just people doing things to people
How is it news
Some human who got killed
How is it gonna make my day
Why do i need this info
I can’t understand it, always
But then I put it away
Terrible things go away
My life sees me again
And always, the girl is smiling