Free Bird

My age is less
Yet much I’ve seen
What people always say
They seldom mean
There’s line and lots of ’em
But a free bird has caught me in.

She flies and soars
High in the sky
She paints it like dream
What she saw with her mind’s eye
And people cheer while she does so
People, each and everyone, and I.

And in this bitter world
She’s an innocent child
Untouched by malice
For never she frowned, always smiled
Maybe life has been mean to her
Who knows the marks her heart has concealed.

Now all of this seems illusory
For she is not known to I
But rest assured
A free bird flies high in the sky.

Stupid & Scared

My College is a wild place. Young energy, in all shape and size, flows there. However, at times, this energy goes a wee bit over the mark.

Today, a chap was beaten here. Why? He sent fb message to a girl. The girl, in turn, told her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, in turn, thrashed him. A funny chain of events. However, this has made me afraid.

A month of two back, there was this girl on facebook whom I came across. She was lovely. I wanted to talk to her. But there was no way. So I sent her two messages. But I didn’t send any lame hi or hello message, I thought for a bit and sent her two couplets. Maybe they qualify for poetry. But there was no reply and I forgot about it. Until today when the beating reminded me.

I am a little bit scared. Everytime I try to divert my thoughts from this matter, they come back. And I am tired. So I’m left with no other option rather than write about it.

The Private Space
Every one has their private space online. And no one likes when it is infringed upon.
Yes. I do understand that girl must’ve disliked this act of mine where I sent her messages. And I feel sorry for it (not because of the stupid beating). I feel sorry for it was a desperate and stupid move and it caused someone a little bit of distress. It was only later I realised it. Everyone has a private space and one should respect it. If one isn’t interested in you, move on. However, the damage was already done.

Was I wrong?
I don’t know. But I admit it was a stupid thing. Maybe I am a bit over reacting here because I am scared.

Not trying to sympathise to attract some niceties, women, online, go through these kind of stupidity umpteen times in a day. Some people are nice, some downright rude and some creepy as creepy gets. Where do I fit? I don’t know.

I don’t  know a lot, but apology.