Selfie Kisne Li Hai Aaj

I don’t like selfies. Not for the simple fact that my selfies never turn out good. Also not because I want to be different from the herd by having a different viewpoint.


Edward Norton in Birdman

I visit a place. Be it a Cinema Hall, a Public place or anything which attracts people. There, I see people, with their hand holding phone stretched out, and they look at it. They make sure that apart from their face, the background is also nice. They do all this while forgetting the place where they’re present in the moment. I have this notion, that people should experience things. They should experience its essence. And when it’s done, then click pictures. Sure a picture is worth thousand words, but people dear to you whom you show your selfies, maybe they like the sound of your voice too.

So, I don’t like selfies because most of the time they distract people from real experience. This is a valid reason, along with the two stated above.

Dhinchak Pooja and Selfie Usne Li Thi Us Din
In today’s fast world, I am an alert citizen. I keep myself updated with all the latest happenings and trends. And this is how I tell a day spent looking at memes.

A few days back, I was going through new youtube videos. A good part of my youtube feed was filled with dhinchak Pooja. She had uploaded a new song, ‘selfie maine le li aaj.’ And there were videos mocking her. I saw ’em and had some laughs. I also the original song. And later, in summation, I had these following thoughts.

1. Internet is an uncertain place. It has no pre-defined rules about liking or disliking a new thing.

2. People should respect each other’s opinion or work, even when they don’t like it.

3. This song is the worst piece of music I have heard. And people are right in mocking, roasting and bashing it.

Thoughts run wild like a group of cattle
Holidays are days when one can afford to waste time to his/her heart’s desire.

I think too much than I ought to think. And most of my thoughts are weird and stupid. I thought about this ‘selfie’ song. And i had several thoughts. Below are some of them.

1. There is a prevailing notion among people, that India is getting intolerant. They fear that their freedom of speech and expression is muffled. Maybe they think that a mob of people, who doesn’t agree with their opinion, will thrash them.
This song proves them wrong. The  people of India are tolerating this song. There is no unrest among people due to this song. Sure, there are videos online mocking her. But the point is, she is free to release her song and people are free to criticise it. Freedom of speech and expression is still here. There are no angry people on road due to this song.

2. For sometime, chinese companies like Oppo, Vivo, Gionee, Huawei and Xiaomi, has been heading our mobile phone market. Thanks to their ads focused on selfies and their splurging, they have done it successfully. It has been bad for swadeshi phone companies like Micromax and karbonn. People never liked Micromax. And now they’ve conveniently forgotten about it.

Dhinchak Pooja is a hardcore nationalist. She was deeply saddened to see our swadeshi phone companies fail. Vivo, Xiaomi and other chinese companies are successful because they emphasise heavily on how great their selfie camera is. Now, thanks to her selfie song, people will stop taking selfies. So they won’t buy chinese phones which excel in capturing selfies. It will drive down the sales of chinese companies, and thus, our swadeshi mobile companies will emerge again.