The Revenant

I watched The Revenant yesterday. Starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hardy in the lead, this film is well, slightly underwhelming.

The whole film follows Hugh Glass, a fur trader or explorer. How he kills a grizzly bear and how he catches up to Fitzgerald, who left him out in the open to die.

The production of this ambitious movie was said to be affected by notorious weather which forced it to last many days longer than they thought. Tom Hardy had to leave Suicide Squad due to this.

In the movie, nature plays a big role. It is by the same director who brought us Birdman, and he shot this film using natural light. While nature was the prime adversity in making this film possible, but in the movie it isn’t. The nature scenics act as a background against which the characters show and tell themselves. It’s greed, revenge and selfishness which drives them ultimately, leading to the circumstances one after another. Even though it is brutal human nature, the movie shows glimmers of hope and innocence every now and then, through Bridgler or The Arikara who treated Hugh.

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