This damned verse

Here is the song the damned souls of the world say.
Oh God up there in the sky,

We are doomed.

Damn this life and its meaning,

& I don’t see any sun.

Life’s been hurting,

Ever since it began,

I’m done with it and its pain,

Hope now spells itself hell.

It seems like I’m crying,

For bitter and cruel is its taste,

Trust is gone with unanswered questions,

Too late it’s been for rain.

Was the world cold before,

Or it happened since I came.

I know the taste of losing sense,

What has happened, what begun.

We are losing souls by the day,

They don’t bear these cold nights.

For we cry out too loud,

And the dead silence does

Pry deep into our lives.

All said and nothing done,

A man was never known so.

You ask us to love you,

Where does yours go.

Questions pop up out of surface,

If you have got other plans.

Tell us if you always seek attention,

Or it just happens so.

You are the cruel thing,

We are your bitter fun.

Poked and pried by you for none,

You seek attention, maybe it gets you high,

The chiming bells and the help asking cries.

You like your pride and the begging prayers,

You hurt them because they aren’t near.

All this drama is painful and insane. 

For your angels and demons,

Damn your heaven and hell.

Burn them holy books,

Raze your homes to the ground.

We’ve killed each other always,

Instead of killing you.

This blind hatred which runs amok in our hearts,

Blessed the world would be if we didn’t have a heart.

The useless

Call the girl you liked yesterday.
Fine were things and friends,
Maybe misery turned them away.
The streets are alive again.
You see the day in everything you do.
And as you do things,
You wish it’d be better too.
And as it slips through the fingers
You notice the drop of rain
She wouldn’t notice anyways.

Aren’t you the star,
That shone too bright.
But the night was dark
And you fell down and died.
You are your mess
With a hope she wouldn’t clean anyhow.
Forgotten wannabe seeks a saviour,
But it won’t come.
No, never.
Love won’t save us. Or anyone.

What makes you

You tell many things
Who you were
Who you are
Who you wanna be
I have listened every single thing
But still i am dazed
What makes you.

Are you the dress you wear
The things you fear
People you hold dear
Or the twitch in your eye
When the time is near

Are you the speeches you gave
The dreams you told me
The shape you said the cloud took
The craziness of your laugh

Are you the music you speak
The lines from books you often say
the movies you go gaga over
Or the old stuff you hold dear

Are you the same child
I saw years ago
Or have you changed with time
And i just don’t know

Anger and Friends

So heavy this head gets
When these voices speak
I bang my head against wall
But instead of head
The pocket gets lighter

I have friends
Or maybe i had some
Some things they did
Some things I said
And then they turned away

But wait
You turned your back on me
Because of me
What the fuck did i just heard
Take the words back you glitch

A clap takes two hands
Not one
If there is only me in this brawl
Then you’re mistaken gravely
You need to be shaken and waken up
And see the reality which lies in front of you
But i know for sure
That you won’t
Never ever
You won’t

I’ve come to realise what my mistake was
I spoke too much and misunderstood your resiliency
I thought you’d take it in good humour
But you aren’t what i thought you were
You aren’t your laugh but ego
And the ego is bigger than the two of us combined
But i can’t take it any longer
If you want to go
Then please go

Don’t start this drama again
That you were right and me wrong
Cause i don’t understand half the things you spew
I think you’re short on words
I suggest go and tackle some books
Learn and come back
And then frame me with new accuses
Think of new things to drown me in guilt
Go your way
Do things and come back
I won’t be gone too far

Miss you
No i won’t
Sure there will be a hole
But it will fade away within days
Your habit i had
Things i were dependent on you for
They will get done
Though a little late
Without your help
But i am sure sooner or later i will get over you my friend

Bruised ego and its after-effects

See. There is a man who has got problems with everything and everyone. He has got problems with himself too. He has problem with the way he lives and thinks. He has problem with the people who he refers to as family or friends. He has problem when something is done to him like a prank. He has problem when his ego is bruised. He has problem when he feels impotent and helpless. Problem is the sole thing he has. Solutions don’t matter, problems do. It seems like his existence is limited to the concept of problems.

I think I can write something resembling to poem now.

I take a breath
Slowly and without making any sound
Silence can be felt
The movement of clock is audible
Outside, the world is functioning
People, most of them, seems to be sleeping
Why can’t I be one of them.
The moonlight seeps from the cracks
It has got a playful silvery sheen
The moonlight has been here since time immemorial
Then why it is tonight I notice it
How profoundly it covers everything it comes across
It binds itself to everything
And blends them with itself
Giving them its silver shade
Even to the darkness it does so.
Cold wind blows in the distant
And makes this body shiver
Mind is so careless to notice
How hollow the body feels
I wish i could talk to the moonlight
Welcome him into my innermost thoughts
Bad, good, sad, gloomy, happy
And every shade they have
I wish moonlight to come
And make my thoughts alike it
Blending them with the same shade
So that sad is happy and happy ks gloomy
And it becomes difficult to differentiate between them
And pointless then it will be think about useless things
And maybe it will make the day better and life bearable.

जी रहा हूँ

अकेला अकेला दुःख के फट सी रहा हूँ
गिरता-उठता हाँ, मैं जी रहा हूँ।

विरह के गम को पी रहा हूँ,
रोता-सोता कैसे करके बस जी रहा हूँ।

एक-कदम-अगले उम्मीदों का भर सह रहा हूँ,
इस चालकदमी उठा-बैठ में मैं जी रहा हूँ।

इस धूप में छाँव की बांट टोह रहा हूँ,
कदम-कदम इसकी तलाश में जी रहा हूँ।

कदम थकने लगे जबसे आराम जोह रहा हूँ
उम्मीदो के साये तले किसी तरह जी रहा हूँ।

इस जिंदगी की कहानी को सार में कह रहा हूँ,
इसके प्यार की चाह में किसी तरह जी रहा हूँ।

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