The useless

Call the girl you liked yesterday.
Fine were things and friends,
Maybe misery turned them away.
The streets are alive again.
You see the day in everything you do.
And as you do things,
You wish it’d be better too.
And as it slips through the fingers
You notice the drop of rain
She wouldn’t notice anyways.

Aren’t you the star,
That shone too bright.
But the night was dark
And you fell down and died.
You are your mess
With a hope she wouldn’t clean anyhow.
Forgotten wannabe seeks a saviour,
But it won’t come.
No, never.
Love won’t save us. Or anyone.


Free Bird

My age is less
Yet much I’ve seen
What people always say
They seldom mean
There’s line and lots of ’em
But a free bird has caught me in.

She flies and soars
High in the sky
She paints it like dream
What she saw with her mind’s eye
And people cheer while she does so
People, each and everyone, and I.

And in this bitter world
She’s an innocent child
Untouched by malice
For never she frowned, always smiled
Maybe life has been mean to her
Who knows the marks her heart has concealed.

Now all of this seems illusory
For she is not known to I
But rest assured
A free bird flies high in the sky.

Heart is a rolling stone
That’s what I know so far
It has stumbled and broken itself
So many times that I’ve lost count

Down the window is
And this song plays
Love is in the air and everywhere
It’s just what it says.

Where love comes from
And the places it hides
I’ve knocked on too many doors
To find the answer
No one knows for sure where it can be found

In-between people’s talk
Deep inside your eyes
Within the pluck of your voice
Places where I’ve search where love was supposed to be find