Hindi Medium

Society is primitive aspect of humans living together in harmony. Time passed by, and divisions were created. Poor and rich. Middle class and upper class. Now there is upper-middle class and lower-middle class too, and I don’t know what they mean.


A still from Hindi Medium. Taken from a random facebook page.

Raj Batra lives in Chandni Chowk, or Puraani Dilli. He leads a happy life. He has everything a common man yearns for; a car, a business and a happy family. A middle class man, he is happy with what he has and where he is. But his wife isn’t. She aspires to be like rich people. She wants to live their lives. To do that, they have got money. Maybe Raj is successful in his business. Two things remain. First is if they behave like rich folks. Second is if their kid goes to the same school the rich kids go to.

Hindi medium is a fine bollywood movies. It has got moments of comedy, drama and it has a happy ending.

Hindi Medium may seem like a movie with a message. It isn’t. It is a commentary on society and the hypocrisy of people. Irony with the movie is that it is hypocritical in its approach, as it stereotypes people, i.e. How the rich folks have their superiority and the poor people endure all and go on about their daily lives without complaining. Maybe a movie for majority. This movie picks up issues relevant with present. But it does so only for the sake of either mocking them or showing them with occasional hint of overdoing it. It raises questions which are relevant with today, but answers are left to the viewer as happy ending just serves as a happy ending, for the sake of watching a feel-good movie.

For all it is, it is an enjoyable bollywood movie.

The Jungle Book : Perfect

Jungle Jungle Baat chali hai pata chala hai, chaddi pehenke phool khila phool khila hai

The Jungle Book on Sahara One, was one of the few cartoons I was fortunate enough to see. This show was the sole reason I picked up its source book and started reading books.

The Jungle Book was published in 1894, i.e. the nineteenth century. This classic of Rudyard Kipling, since then, has been used multiple times to create cartoons, cartoon movies and other media works who were based on it. Perhaps the most known of them being the Disney classic movie of the same name which was released in 1967.

The Jungle Book is a live-action movie, with CGI accompanying it to create the world of Mowgli. So, Mowgli is a kid who has been living in the Jungle with wolves for as long as he can remember. Life is all merry and happy for him, until Shere Khan comes along and threatens him. It is then, he is forced to leave his family and friends i.e. the wolves behind and seek man’s company.

Jon Favreau is just to the film in a way which shows itself. The CGI extravagance, despite constituting the majority of film, never overwhelms. It rather feels lifelike at moments, often forcing me to think how much CGI has progressed over the years. Also one thing I noted was the change of King Louie from an Orangutan to a relatively big monkey whom I don’t know about. It makes no sense for a film which is set in India to have a animal character as native which is not native to it.

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