These broken bits do not tell any story

These broken bits do not tell any story.

Say they do not get well along with each other.

They murmur quietly to them as they go with the day.

Everything is uncertain and unanswered.
They and the Gods seem mutually done with each other.

This jail has got their cruel comfort, confined.

They don’t have the hero who can save them.

Save for the hope which slogs them day and night.
Their simple faces do not have the crux of a good life.

The essence is grief has not captured them.

But the regularity of their common notions fails them,

As to why they can’t tell from need and want. 

On Losing Friends

Hey feelings
Come here and hit me hard
I promise I won’t  bleed
But I will shed tears.

I lost some friends today. One of them was my childhood friend and other was friend from the past two years. How I feel now? I don’t know. There is a numbing pain in heart which doesn’t go. It’s faint, but it is there. All I do is tell myself that this phase will pass.

What happened?
Excess of everything is bad.

I trusted my friends way too much. It was mistake on my part. But what purpose do friends serve then? Shouldn’t they be there to catch you when you fall? Or it is just that we hang out for a few days, talk about things and spend money all this time while doing nothing. Well, it wasn’t the case with me. I am not saying I did nothing wrong. I did. But i admitted my mistake and expected that they’ll forgive me. Like i forgave them earlier. But it wasn’t the case.

Men, Weakness and Society
Modern society has an interesting concept about man. It is that we are big and muscular walking bodies which are hollow from inside and the only thing we feel is hunger. If a man cries, he ain’t man then. He’s a pussy. It’s like we don’t have emotions. Who proposed this foolish notion?

I want to cry. A lot. But I won’t. Crying over past. I won’t do it anymore.

ज़िन्दगी क्या करती है

ये दुनिया मेरे साथ मजाक करती है,
बात सपने सच ने होने की अखरती है।

कल जिंदगी बेफिक्र हो यूँ करके रुपयो को ठुकराया था,
आज उसी को पाने के लिए जिंदगी दर-दर भटकती है।

उम्र बढ़ने पर भी माँ-पियौ मेरा सहारा है,
इनका सहारा न बनने की बात रुआंसा करती है।

बचपन में भगवान् के हरेक इंसान में बसने की बात सुनी थी,
आज इनके मुँह में राम तो बगल में छुरी झलकती है।

उनका प्यार ना मिला तो जिंदगी को माशूक़ बनाया था,
इसकी बेवफाई मालूम हुई तो अब रूह तड़पती है।