Mirzya : pretentious

I watched Mirzya today, and I am late to the bashing party.

What is Mirzya?
It has been a hour since I walked out of auditorium and reached home, and it still puzzles me. Mirzya is much more than a bad movie, certain things make it measly tolerable.

The songs and the background music is good. Locations used in the film are picturesque. But this is where good things come to a screeching halt.

To start with, this movie, Supposedly inspired from Sahiba-Mirza story, a tragic romance of Punjab, tells two story. The one is of Mohnish and Suchita, two childhood friends, who separates due to some unfortunate events. The second is where some people are racing and practicing their archery skills, and they face fireballs and fireworks, where our hero, despite all odds, impresses the heroine.

The two tales, makes no sense. The actors are on screen, perhaps doing their acting. To be honest, they are just trying to bullshit their way through the film. All this on the name of a love story.

Points Where the Movie is Pointless
1. Kid Mohnish knocks down the Teacher, with a weapon he stole from Suchi’s home, mercilessly. He is barely twelve years old, yet he shows no emotion when he kills. How is this love? I’d have taken this, if Mohnish was a young adult. Fuck love, this kid needs a Psychologist.

2. Why are there so many people doing random things at random intervals?

3. The Prince shot down the horse, but spared Adil when he saw the big CGI Cat. And how Adil befriended the big CGI Cat, when he is wounded.

4. Why the lady, after he helps Suchi run, slits her wrists? I know there are hints of unrequited love, but cutting wrists, what is the point?

5. After Mohnish gunned down the teacher, Suchi is sent away. And when she comes back, it just takes a couple of horseride sessions and chitchat, most of chat done by Suchi, to make them fall in love again. Perhaps she remembered him and their young love, and how in their young love they came down from the top to bottom on cycle. That cycle ride must’ve been a exhilarating and elating experience, for she remembered it for their love.

This Movie is Poetic
It can be. Or it is just a excuse.

The songs, especially Nadi and Pyaar ke Teen Gawah, have imagery and lines which are poetic in expression. Add to it, the picturesque locations and the music, they make this movie tolerable. But this poetic illusion takes a backseat when the actors on screen do nonsense and their acts are stupid.

Little the movie has for real. A lot it has to seem pretentious.