I will go

I am going out tonight without any care.

I have given it to the lost sounds of the world,

Who go places with the wandering wind and shout,

To become known to people.
I will go to the desert.

Not because I am a loner or I like the sand in my mouth and eyes and everywhere.

I will go for the simple sun,

And how it gives life to everyone and everything.

I will go there for the night there does not have any secret.

They are long and cold and one part of them is nature, always.
Then I would go up in the sky.

It is foolish to think about flying.

But I like the feel of wind thrashing against my face,

And how it makes my eyes watery.

I will go up in the sky to see how blue they can be,

And what is the point where blue gives way to black.
The point of no return.

Everyone is going there, alone.

I am included too.

But not today or tomorrow,

But someday definitely.

I will go to many places.

I will even go in the future with this baggage of past.

Maybe I will see this longing as it comes to everyone.

And hope.

I will hope for everything good.

But I will not mind bad sometimes.


आज दुनिया का जादू हटाया जाए

आज दुनिया का जादू हटाया जाए,
आज इस शाम की कदर हो जाए।

नारों से मोहित जनता रस्ता देखे बहारों का,
बेहतर हो अगर क़यामत का इंतजार किया जाए।

खुदा, इंसान, शैतान; क्या बने फिरते हो,
तुम बिको औकात-अनुसार जे रूपया रब कहाए।

भूला दो गाय, सूअर, बकरो को,
मुद्दा इंसान है, इनपर विचार बतलाएं।

क्या पर्दे, हिजाब, नक़ाब करे हो,
हटाओ तो चेहरा नजर आये।

Thank You!

I checked out my notifications today. I have fifty followers now. I thank each one of you, for tolerating the nonsense I post often. Also thanks to people who comment and reply to my comments, for it is just good to know.

Two years ago, I made this blog. Then, it was just a place where I would come and complain. It was my escape from real world.

Blogs felt awkward at first. There were blogs which had multitude of followers, posts, comments and likes. I’d like that for myself, I thought then. Who wouldn’t? A constant stream of praise and good things. Everyone would’ve wanted it if they could have it. And there were people who had it. How? What did they do? I didn’t know then and I don’t know now. Maybe it was posts which people found resonating with their inner desires and thoughts. Or people actually like to connect with each other over similar likes. I don’t know. For me, it is things I like and gratitude. Gratitude for people who took time to type each word and helped me have a good time.

I so want to call myself a writer and a poet. I am not. Mind knows a million things I’d like to be. It’s like I want to be everything, without doing anything.

I respect writers and poets. I hold them in high esteem. I’m led to believe, that all people deep down are alike. Confused and dazed in chaos of emotions. Unsure about things they want and their needs. And we do a nice job pretending we are normal. It’s like we hide ourselves from each other. Perhaps our minds make us do it. All of this happens everytime. So when I see one human who has got his/her emotions clear and can talk about them in detail with fellow people. One who can make people realise that it is perfectly fine to be afraid of life and unknown. I believe these people are good human beings.

I must end this post now.
If you’re still reading this, then I’d like you to know that I am thankful to you for time you spent reading this nonsense.