Dilwale – Flop Show

Today I saw Dilwale. My prejudice was right – it was horrible.

It’s a Rohit Shetty Film. Yes, flying cars which defy gravity are there. Also, many things which Rohit Shetty has a knack for, are there.

A Film, is basically a tool for telling a story visually. Story along with the way of storytelling matters here. And a story’s portrayal depends on its characters and various other things associated with them. I saw Dilwale and I reiterate this – it was horrible.

Varun Dhawan continues his wannabe Govinda act in this film. And for the major part of the movie, he manages to do this without getting outright corny. Shahrukh, he was ok in his act. While watching the movie, there were moments when it seemed that he was trying to rehash his persona of ‘Raj’ from his older movies.

Talking about the portion of movie which consisted love in this movie, it was pure gaseous sentimentality.

Skip this Dilwale and watch the older one on YouTube. Atleast the older one stays true to its title.

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