times for angels and devils

times seem harder now,
for the angels and devils,
are alike. No difference.
each one wants to save you,
though their means separate them.
now angels are supposed to be the good guys.
are they? because they demand the complete you,
in turn for saving you.
They save you by letting you serve them.
And devil, the bad guy, he does not,
want to save you.
he just want to serve his purpose.
destruction. stupidity everywhere.
and you gotta clap because devil,
may save you. because,
you would not even know when he was done with you.

whatever you make of them,
keep their meaning away from the holy books of religions.
the suffering is not cured, neither helped,
by the multiple religions and their gods.
they imprison great thoughts and dumb them down.
for their use.
the holy books of this world is the same as the world.
a mirage.
one misunderstood thing.

go on and meet the devil.
or if you like the kindness,
may angels fly with you.
i will be with the world;
real and stupid.