Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of DC Shared Universe

DC is late to the shared universe party which Marvel started successfully. And now they are doing it as soon as possible.

BvS starts with a simple but nonetheless exciting promise; that we’ll see Superman and Batman joining hands, whether in battle or in situations. But it goes beyond this simple promise. At 2 hours and 33 minutes, it is a long movie. And also a tedious one to watch. The entire first half of the movie is muddled. Introducing new characters, setting up plot, providing themroom to develop, this movie has both of its hands full at anytime that it fails to pickup anything which falls.

So, the whole world is bent on whether Superman is a threat or a gift to mankind. Some people like him, some do not. Affleck’s Batman hate him for the mayhem he caused, and Lex, well he has always hated him. Miss Prince appears now and then, reminding viewers she’s also here in the superhero brawl.

Cavill’s Superman is, if anything, more muscular. Affleck’s Batman is angrier. Lex is a little sissy whose favorite toy has been taken away. Lane is busy acting Damsel in distress.

Second half is where things get a little interesting. Batman and Superman fight it out, Justice League members have their cameo, Miss Prince finally comes out of the closet, Lex releases Doomsday (or say CGI extravagance). In between them, little remains of the original promise.

Another summer mindless action CGI flick, it is. I had hopes with it, alas! they were not met.

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