I like movies.

I, myself, find it hard to believe this. Even though I say I like movies, it only applies to the new one. I do not watch any old movies. Old bollywood movies from the 70’s, 80’s and so on. I like old Hollywood movies.

Partiality is bad. Be it life or anything.

Anand is a movie by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. It has Rajesh Khanna & Amitabh Bachchan. This movie is about Anand, who has Lymphoma. His days are numbered. People grieve when they are faced with death, but An and accepts it with a laugh. The movie follows Anand as he lives his last days.

It was made in 1971. The prejudice with Bollywood is that its movies are largely sing song and tear-jerking drama. It is true if you look at it from afar. Come closer and do some work finding good movies. I was amazed by this movie. How well it has aged and how it is still contemporary in its themes.

Dialogues, screenplay and all the things related with this movie, they are something which should be felt with heart. I am sorry that I ignored these old movies for so long. And I am happy that I will be watching more old movies from now on.

Next movie I am going to watch is Pather Panchali.

Bareily ki Barfi

Romantic Bollywood movies have always been formulaic. A boy and a girl meets and fall in love. They want to marry but there is an obstacle, i.e. A mad parent or an ex-lover who finds rejection difficult. They make it difficult for the boy and the girl to be together. Until the biggest hero comes, the happy ending. Happy Ending is the real hero of a RB movie. It makes everything alright. I love a movie with a happy ending. And a RBM without one feels incomplete and false.


Bitti Mishra is a carefree girl. She lives life. She watches English movies, dances, smokes. She does everything, the way she likes. Her parents wants her to marry. Men come to see her, but they reject her everytime, for some stupid reasons. It takes a toll. One night, she leaves her home. At railway station, she reads a book named Bareily ki Barfi. Intrigued, she returns home by morning. She is impressed with the book and wants to meet the writer. She googles the writer, to no avail. But she continues searching him, going the offline way. Her search for the writer leads her to Chirag. Chirag is the owner of the firm where the book was printed. This meet sets the arc following which the movie reveals itself with time.

This movie is set in a small town, Bareily. Bitti is a modern woman, but her parents aren’t. They are old people with old thoughts. They wants Bitti to marry. Pankaj Tiwari and Seema Pahwa, embodies these small nooks and prejudices carefully. They are open to their daughter smoking, but aren’t so when it comes to her marriage. They are loving parents, but some mild taunts are heard at times.

This movie is predictable at some occasions. The formula is evident. It’s not a bad thing. We love these movies for the same reason. There is a cliché with these movies where they dumb down emotions, ridiculously. The emotions are often reduced to their caricature. It isn’t so with this movie. The dialogues are crispy and play well with the screenplay.

I like this movie, a lot. The like is further strengthened with the fact that comedy acts aren’t just cheap humor but actual fun. It’s maybe a comedy of errors sometimes, but that’s just me trying to link random things.

P.S. Bitti’s father is played is Pankaj Tripathi.

Hindi Medium

Society is primitive aspect of humans living together in harmony. Time passed by, and divisions were created. Poor and rich. Middle class and upper class. Now there is upper-middle class and lower-middle class too, and I don’t know what they mean.


A still from Hindi Medium. Taken from a random facebook page.

Raj Batra lives in Chandni Chowk, or Puraani Dilli. He leads a happy life. He has everything a common man yearns for; a car, a business and a happy family. A middle class man, he is happy with what he has and where he is. But his wife isn’t. She aspires to be like rich people. She wants to live their lives. To do that, they have got money. Maybe Raj is successful in his business. Two things remain. First is if they behave like rich folks. Second is if their kid goes to the same school the rich kids go to.

Hindi medium is a fine bollywood movies. It has got moments of comedy, drama and it has a happy ending.

Hindi Medium may seem like a movie with a message. It isn’t. It is a commentary on society and the hypocrisy of people. Irony with the movie is that it is hypocritical in its approach, as it stereotypes people, i.e. How the rich folks have their superiority and the poor people endure all and go on about their daily lives without complaining. Maybe a movie for majority. This movie picks up issues relevant with present. But it does so only for the sake of either mocking them or showing them with occasional hint of overdoing it. It raises questions which are relevant with today, but answers are left to the viewer as happy ending just serves as a happy ending, for the sake of watching a feel-good movie.

For all it is, it is an enjoyable bollywood movie.


The paperboy comes in the morning
He throws a newspaper at wall
His aim is always perfect
I pick it up and see it
The paper is wrinkle free and crisp
The faces on it are laughing
The text is pitch black and small
The girl with the mobile phone is attractive
I like the way she smiles, Always
I keep the paper somewhere
I will come back to it
When i have time

I read the small black text
It is always people saying something
Something about promises
Something about killing someone
Something about money and sports
Something about the little world i live in
The black text
It eats my time
It unsettles me
It is not good
It’s just people doing things to people
How is it news
Some human who got killed
How is it gonna make my day
Why do i need this info
I can’t understand it, always
But then I put it away
Terrible things go away
My life sees me again
And always, the girl is smiling