Bareily ki Barfi

Romantic Bollywood movies have always been formulaic. A boy and a girl meets and fall in love. They want to marry but there is an obstacle, i.e. A mad parent or an ex-lover who finds rejection difficult. They make it difficult for the boy and the girl to be together. Until the biggest hero comes, the happy ending. Happy Ending is the real hero of a RB movie. It makes everything alright. I love a movie with a happy ending. And a RBM without one feels incomplete and false.


Bitti Mishra is a carefree girl. She lives life. She watches English movies, dances, smokes. She does everything, the way she likes. Her parents wants her to marry. Men come to see her, but they reject her everytime, for some stupid reasons. It takes a toll. One night, she leaves her home. At railway station, she reads a book named Bareily ki Barfi. Intrigued, she returns home by morning. She is impressed with the book and wants to meet the writer. She googles the writer, to no avail. But she continues searching him, going the offline way. Her search for the writer leads her to Chirag. Chirag is the owner of the firm where the book was printed. This meet sets the arc following which the movie reveals itself with time.

This movie is set in a small town, Bareily. Bitti is a modern woman, but her parents aren’t. They are old people with old thoughts. They wants Bitti to marry. Pankaj Tiwari and Seema Pahwa, embodies these small nooks and prejudices carefully. They are open to their daughter smoking, but aren’t so when it comes to her marriage. They are loving parents, but some mild taunts are heard at times.

This movie is predictable at some occasions. The formula is evident. It’s not a bad thing. We love these movies for the same reason. There is a cliché with these movies where they dumb down emotions, ridiculously. The emotions are often reduced to their caricature. It isn’t so with this movie. The dialogues are crispy and play well with the screenplay.

I like this movie, a lot. The like is further strengthened with the fact that comedy acts aren’t just cheap humor but actual fun. It’s maybe a comedy of errors sometimes, but that’s just me trying to link random things.

P.S. Bitti’s father is played is Pankaj Tripathi.