Stories of any kind

The kind of stories I want to tell,

I do not know If,

I will ever be able to tell them as they are.

To say a poor man is poor,

I will tell you about him,

And the things he did to endure the day,

And fill his belly with food.

I will tell but I will hope,

The man finds his happiness soon.

I know it will make my stories false.

But I will be truly happy then.

Feel this art we create with lives,

These lives are of humans like us.

We will pinpoint differences later,

For now, they are just like us.

I don’t want to be proud of something,

Which came out of someone’s miserable days.

I would have written about my life,

But this boredom rules the king.

Picking up a piece from a life,

And holding it against voices and opinions,

It is cruel when it emits satisfaction to the ego.

All while their origins remain the same way they were.

Our boring live must be content,

With the little crux we have.

Ordinary things are beautiful too.


I am boring and I am Bored.

This is loneliness
This time is boring
You are boring
You gawk at things, ceiling and this fan over head spins spins and it spins
Time does not pass
Seconds, minutes but an hour is a long way from home
You turn yourself to things which you thought were useless
Talking to people is tricky though
They are ignorant because they want to be
And you shout, a lone man in the ground
Someone should come and take me away
This place is lifeless
I poke this glass screen continuously
You shall not find anything
Stay this way, You will.

कड़वा मन

अभी-अभी मूवी देखी है। मूवी थी ‘सेफ्टी नॉट गारंटीड।’ मैं खुश था। मित्र का फ़ोन आया। मन खट्टा है।

कॉलेज से नाम काट दिया है। मन में गुस्सा है। बहुत है। पूरे कॉलेज में आखिर इनको मैं ही मिला था। इस प्रकार के विचार उमड़ रहे है। इन सबके बीच एक सत्य है। बड़ा कड़वा है। मैं साल के शुरुआत से अब तक कॉलेज ना गया था, तो नाम कटना लाजमी है।

मैं देखूँ तो पाता हूँ कि किसी को कुछ फर्क ना पड़ा है। खुद के रोग से खुद को ही कष्ट होता है। नीरव मोदी रुपये लेकर उड़ गया। ये कष्ट उसका नही पर देश का है। पर मुझे ना होता है। अभी बस मन कड़वा है। रोग मुझे मालूम है, पर उसकी दवा का ना पता है।


I like movies.

I, myself, find it hard to believe this. Even though I say I like movies, it only applies to the new one. I do not watch any old movies. Old bollywood movies from the 70’s, 80’s and so on. I like old Hollywood movies.

Partiality is bad. Be it life or anything.

Anand is a movie by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. It has Rajesh Khanna & Amitabh Bachchan. This movie is about Anand, who has Lymphoma. His days are numbered. People grieve when they are faced with death, but An and accepts it with a laugh. The movie follows Anand as he lives his last days.

It was made in 1971. The prejudice with Bollywood is that its movies are largely sing song and tear-jerking drama. It is true if you look at it from afar. Come closer and do some work finding good movies. I was amazed by this movie. How well it has aged and how it is still contemporary in its themes.

Dialogues, screenplay and all the things related with this movie, they are something which should be felt with heart. I am sorry that I ignored these old movies for so long. And I am happy that I will be watching more old movies from now on.

Next movie I am going to watch is Pather Panchali.

I will go

I am going out tonight without any care.

I have given it to the lost sounds of the world,

Who go places with the wandering wind and shout,

To become known to people.
I will go to the desert.

Not because I am a loner or I like the sand in my mouth and eyes and everywhere.

I will go for the simple sun,

And how it gives life to everyone and everything.

I will go there for the night there does not have any secret.

They are long and cold and one part of them is nature, always.
Then I would go up in the sky.

It is foolish to think about flying.

But I like the feel of wind thrashing against my face,

And how it makes my eyes watery.

I will go up in the sky to see how blue they can be,

And what is the point where blue gives way to black.
The point of no return.

Everyone is going there, alone.

I am included too.

But not today or tomorrow,

But someday definitely.

I will go to many places.

I will even go in the future with this baggage of past.

Maybe I will see this longing as it comes to everyone.

And hope.

I will hope for everything good.

But I will not mind bad sometimes.

Star Wars : The Last Jedi is a disappointment

I saw Star Wars 8 today. I liked some parts of it, and disliked some of it.

My main concern lies with the way the movie shows Luke Skywalker in his old days. He is old, bitter and full of regret. He is also a killer. He is radically different from the earlier Star Wars movies. I liked him.

Then there is Supreme Leader Snoke. Star Wars 7 had him as the mysterious bad guy. This movie kills him without any explanation.

Also, who is Rey? I know so far that she is a girl who can use Force. There have been two movies and yet there is no clear information about her and her backstory.

I cannot wrap my head around this movie. It is a good movie. It is a bad Star Wars Episode.