Stupid Things in Night – Chapter 4

It’s been a long time since I wrote about it. But here it is. I am feeling lonely once again. It is not like it came back. It was always here. It is just that, I have been feeling it more than ever.
What can I write about loneliness? I don’t have words. Much words about it. It is just there. And I feel it. I feel it every second that has passed by, and there is not much help. I have talked with people. Just one or two sentences but it stops there. The knowledge is always there. The reasons are there. But I just couldn’t talk.
I do not want to judge anyone for not talking to me. It just brings more and more hate into the world and life can do some great things without a little or lot less of hate. Hate is just a kind of feeling that is great at time, even though its effect is not great at all. It takes over the mind and just consumes it. I can’t count the times I have hated people and then asked the reason, there was not any. There is not a single reason to hate someone, but it is the thing that can be done sometime. So, we do it. And we are not me and some other person.
Going back to judging people, I do not do it anymore. I see a person and turn off my mind towards them. Good, bad, ridiculous, there is not any kind of thoughts. I have done the same for my friends. And I thought it has driven them away. And it is ok, I think. I have difficulty handling myself and I think it will be too much to ask them to do it for me.
Going back to loneliness, it is always there. Even when there are people everywhere. This thing where you can feel plenty of it in public and not understand why it is happening, this is fumbling for me.
Do you like this word? Fumble. I learnt it yesterday. I must have read it somewhere. Source has skipped my mind and I cannot recollect it. But it is here and I like this word. Fumble means a mistake or error. I like it.

Another thing I like is listening to people. Met an old friend for a brief time. It felt nice. He talked and I listened. I did not have much to say anyways. So, I sat and listened. He talked about his life. He is facing problems with a mutual friend of ours and a girl. The girl does not like our friend and our friend does not like her. And he is stuck between them. And it is confusing for him to deal with them. I am not a solved person and I cannot claim that I would deal with his problem any different than he is doing. For me, he is doing great. He can talk with people and clearly, has made new friends. However difficult they are is a different thing. But a new friend is a good thing. Old friends are nice too. But new friends are good too.
So he talked and I listened. There was not anything I could have done to help or any advice for him. He talked for a while and then went his way.
And, now I sit and think about what he said. It must be nice to have a new friend, and a friend who is a girl too. Having a female friend is nothing new for me. I used to have a few when I was in school. But it was a long time ago and I have, maybe, unlearnt this particular experience. As to how it feels to have a female friend. See here, loneliness, the crazy things you have done to me.
I would like to have a new friend, or maybe a new female friend. I have chances now that I am at this new job. But, this thing, I am talking about it, it feels like a cliché. I talk and write but there is nothing to be done. I do not do anything. I have become wiser in this regard, I feel. Because I know the value of a day and what could be done in a day, but the ways these past years have treated me and the same excuses I repeat every time I face such a dilemma, it is a joke without a punchline. And I am not laughing about it. It is suffering.
And loneliness, I have tried coping and curing it. Some days, I was successful. Some days, I was not. This day is confused at to what kind it wants to become. Maybe it is the kind of day where I crib about the problems I have. I do it once or twice a year. It is my yearly cliché.
But loneliness, it is always here. And it is always the same. Same with the same tnings it does to same. I have you and you will be always here. I know this. But maybe, please be a little different sometimes. It is boring. It is making me boring. Be interesting. Give me new things. A friend will do such things. And you are an old friend of mine. Anyways, I am going to sleep.

Take a day of mine,
Take days of mine,
Then take months,
Make it a year,
Make it two year,
Make it five year,
They have been the same for me.
Make next day different.

Stupid Things in Night (Chapter – 3)

I listen to songs. Romantic, sad, songs which have heartbreak and unfaithful lover in themes. Nothing works, for I feel nothing after listening to them. They just do not seem to affect me at all. Hardly a surprise, given I have never dabbled in matters of love and heartbreaks. All I know about it, is from movies and music videos. My friends in school told me things. But those seem more like juvenile fantasies now.

Two more days. Still no reply. I have given up hopes of receiving a message from her. I do not blame her. There is much more important things in life than replying to one’s hi message on Internet. I hope it comes true for me also.

It is a moonless night. I think about love, its scarcity in life. Nothing comes up in mind. Why do I even think about this subject? I have no answer.

It might have to do with my loneliness. But what is loneliness in its truest sense? I have people to talk to. I talk to them. Is loneliness something people face in the night when they are left to themselves? If yes, then I have been having too much of it. It is, the silence of night is apt for a deep sleep. But for the sleepless folks, it is the music of worries, regrets and issues pervading them.

It is unknown to me if I talk sense. Or what I think is right by other people. It is an unusual thing for a silent person to want someone dear to talk about things.

It is night, and I wonder if I am too woke to make sense.


I do not remember any of my dreams. I also wonder if I have an inability to visualise a dream in the first place. I remember things which happened, sometimes people and places, memories but not dreams.

Are dreams infinite, in sense that they are beyond the limits of reality?

If yes, then I wonder if I can dream about someone to talk to and possibly heartbreaks too.

Sleep does not come. I want to have a dream, right now.

I am the popular lad. I am the obedient son. I excel in sports and studies. People love me. No one envies me. Girls are madly in love with me. Teachers view me as someone who would make them proud one day in future.

I do not fear anyone or anything. My pictures on Instagram and Facebook receive thousand of likes and shares. People praise me in comments. Whatever written in my captions and wall is regarded as absolute philosophy of the highest order.

I have a girlfriend. She loves me and I love her. I go on long drives with her. She tells me about her deepest desires and secrets she never revealed to anyone.

Success is the only thing which happens whenever I try a new thing. Be it music, musical instruments, writing or even filmmaking. I am brilliant at whatever I do and people and my parents love me for it.

I am a good person. I never did harm anyone. I donate blood and I am an organ donor. I do social work and I teach kids in my free time. Kids love me and they call me ‘Bade Bhaiya.’

I am on good terms with my friends, be old or new ones. Relatives are fond of me. They pray for my wellbeing.

Life is good. And I am the human equivalent of the philosopher’s stone. Everything I touch becomes good.

I have managed to make Earth a better place by bringing real peace. People treat each other with respect now. I have treated AIDS and Cancer and global warming and hate.

The weather is good now. Pollution is non-existent along with nuclear weapons. The world does not have any problem, for it is basically a big family now. Vasudheva Kutumbakam.

A dream like this, is far-fetched even for the most imaginative person. I seek sleep, a place away from this nonsense.


Stupid Things in Night (Chapter – 2)

It has been two days.

Lata accepted my friend request, but there was no reply. I did not message her again. She posts a lot of pictures, so I like them. Staring blankly at her pictures provokes no response. I want her to talk to me.

Umesh came yesterday. He wanted to drink beer. He invited me, but I declined. Past knows I cannot hold liquor, even the littlest of it. Anyways, I wanted to stay sober in case Lata replied to my message.

Umesh must have drunk a lot. He was online till 2 AM.

Lata and I sat on one of the benches in Canteen. I said, “So what are you going to do after graduation?”

“I have not think about it.”

“What is there to think? You will either study or marry someone.”

“I can think about these things. They demand a lot. Or I can just stay at home, learn new things or travel.”

“What new things? And travel?”

“Maybe I will learn cooking or knitting. And I want to go to a lot of places.”

“I thought you learnt these household chores growing up.”

“I did not. I used to study then and the rest of the time was spent with friends.”

“What happened to your friends? I think I am your only friend these days.”

“I still keep in touch with my old friends. They are studying in different Colleges. And you are not the only friend I have. Maybe I am the only friend you have.”

“You are right.”

“So what happened with your friends?”

“Same thing. They are studying in different colleges. And I am not great at keeping in touch. You said something about traveling.”

“I will go to Kasauli. It is so beautiful there.”



I remember the day I drank. It was the last day of school. My friends insisted and I declined. But they said about last day of our school and something about memories and friendship. I drank a little then.

It burned my tongue, throat and stomach. I was sick and threw a vomit.

I never drank after that fateful day. I never met my friends after that day either. Sure, I attended their marriages but I went there with no hopes of reunion. And it never happened.

I wonder if they even remember me now.


I feel old.

The Night is so thick, I am sure my shouts will not be able to penetrate it.

I do not like this. I do not like myself.

I fed a street dog yesterday. He seemed happy. He is not present today. I have saved a roti for him.

I look at the walls. They do not have the answers to my queries.

I pickup the phone and type another message to Lata, asking her how she is. And now I wait for her reply.


Stupid Things in Night (Chapter – 1)

I woke up with an unwillingness to start the day’s proceedings. All I wanted to do was lie down, eat and sleep.

So I slept. Morning, afternoon and in evening. Now it is night. Everything has gone silent. I am awake. My back hurts and the bed is uncomfortable. I listen to the same songs again. Repetition is boring. And I am lonely now.

How wonderful it would be to have someone to talk to now, I think. I pick up the phone and go through my Facebook and WhatsApp list. No one to talk to.

I remember things of old days. Mostly school time. College is OK but not memorable. Memories of friends, teachers and crushes come up. And comes this sense of unease. I feel choked with these memories. I get up and walk out of the room.

There is a sudden chill in the wind. It means the arrival of winter. There are hardly any stars in the sky. The only sound comes from the road far away. I go inside.

What a boring person I have become. I was not so. I used to be fun. I remember my friends always laughed when they were with me. But a lot of them got married and have families of their own to support now. I also want to get married. I just have not found a suitable girl yet. Last year father got many proposals from other parents. I turned all of them down. I did not want to get married last year. I was fresh out of College and wanted to live a little. This went on for few months. Lately, there have been no proposals for marriage.

I think about Anjana. She was my classmate. We were best friends for a few months in College before she got herself a boyfriend. She started spending more time with him. Our interactions receded. By the time College ended, she was someone less than a friend but more than an acquaintance. It sucked and I genuinely felt bad when our talks decreased, because she was a good listener.

I want to talk to her. But her Facebook account has been inactive for some time. She must have changed her number, as her WhatsApp status have been invisible to me for a long time. Maybe she has moved on towards the next big things in her life. I feel happiness for a split second. I am happy for her, because she has got things planned. Hardly surprising, since she always knew what to do.

And there was Lata. She was my senior. We met while we participated in inter-class debate competition. From there started the hi-hello in corridors and we progressed to eating lunch and talked often during our free lectures. She was funny. But she graduated soon after.

I did not remember her until today. I search her on Facebook. We have three mutual friends. I also sent a ‘hi’ message along with my friend request.

It is midnight, so the chances of a reply and getting my request accepted are none. I close my eyes and wait for sleep to come.


मक्खी का साथ

मक्खी मुँह पर बैठी है। इसे उड़ाना नही है। इस पल सारी दुनिया मेरे खिलाफ है, इस मक्खी का साथ अच्छा है।

कहानी का फ्लेवर मुझे नही पता। तुम पता करना। मैं बात शुरू सुबह से करूँगा।


मैं धनंजय हूँ। मैं मनीपुर का निवासी हूँ। माँ-बाप मार चुके है। मैं अकेला हूँ। अपना खुद का मैं हूँ। सब खुद करता हूँ। यह मेरा परिचय है।

मैं उठा, हगा, सफाई की, नहाया, पूजा की, खाना बनाया, खाया और तैयार होकर नौकरी की तरफ निकल चला।

मैं कंपनी पहुँचा। चंचल की बात सुनाई दी। उसकी बात रोज वाली थी।

‘फ्लाईओवर तेरे ऊपर क्यों नही पड़ा।’

यह बात उसकी रोज की है। चंचल किसी को दिखाई ना देती है। मुझे भी नही। शुरू में मुझे समझ ना आया था। थोड़ी पूछताछ की तो पता लगा यह आवाज़ मन में है। मैंने इसे चंचल नाम दिया।

मैंने इसे परे किया और काम मे लग गया।



मैं खाना खाने के लिये बैठा।

‘पनीर की सब्जी कब खायेगा।’

मैंने सुबह आलू की सब्जी बनाई थी। हफ्ते में दो-तीन बार यही बनाता हूँ। मुझे कोई आपत्ति नही, पर चंचल को है।

मैं पानी पीने गया। मटके में पानी का तापमान सामान्य था।

‘ठंडे पानी की बोतल खरीद।’

यह नई बात थी। ब्रेक खत्म होने में अभी बीस-पच्चीस मिनट थे। मैं पेड़ नीचे बैठकर पार्किंग में लगी गाड़िया देखने लगा।

‘तू कब खरीदेगा।’

यह बात भी नई थी। फिर एक पल के लिए नजर पार्किंग में लगी घास में काम करती महिला पर पड़ी।

‘ब्याह कर ले।’

यह बात भी नई थी। आज चंचल ज्यादा बोल रही थी। मैं उठकर गेट चौकीदार के पास गया। सोचा उससे बात करता।

उसके मुँह का निचला भाग तम्बाकू से भरा था। महक मेरी नाक के बाल फूंक रही थी।

‘इस हरामी के मुँह पर थप्पड़ मार।’

मैं फालतू की बात कर काम पर वापिस लौटा।

‘तेरा हाथ इस मशीन में डाल कर देख।’

मैं पेशाब करने के लिए गया। वहां पैखाने की बदबू तेज थी।

‘सूँघ। तेरे मुँह से ऐसी ही बदबू आती है।’

मैं काम पर लौटा। ऊपर पंखा चल रहा था पर पसीने फिर आ रहे थे। सामने मैनेजर अपने ऑफिस में बैठा था। उसके कमरे में ए०सी० लगा था।

‘ऑफिस में जा और सोफे पर सो जा। मैनेजर को थप्पड़ मार दे।’

मैं काम मे लगा रहा।

एक रुक्का सुना। कंपनी की मालकिन काम देखने को आई थी। वो एक-दो महीने में कभी ही आती थी। मैनेजर और बाकी अफसर अपने ऑफिस से बाहर आ खड़े हुए थे।

‘इसकी गोरी चमड़ी पर हाथ फेर दे। तेरे जीवन के सारे पाप खत्म हो जाएँगे।’

मैं वापिस काम पर लगा रहा। छुट्टी होने में डेढ़ घंटे बचे थे। सुरेश मेरे पास आकर रुपये मांगने लगा। उसे फ़ोन ठीक कराने के लिए चाहिए थे। मेरे पास बचत के रुपये थे। मैं मना करना चाहता था, पर मना ना किया गया।

‘तू इंसान है या चटाई है।’

मैंने मैनेजर को देखा। हमे काम करते देख रहा था। उसके गले मे सोने की चैन दिखी।

‘छीन कर भाग जा। तू बनवा तो सकता नही है।’

काम खत्म हुआ। पर चंचल बोलती रही।

मैं साईकल लेकर कंपनी से चल पड़ा।



मैं घर आ रहा था। साईकल को लेकर पैदल चल रहा था। एक जगह ट्यूब फट गई थी। ट्यूब के रुपये सुरेश के पास थे।

मेरे साथी और अन्य बंदे मोटरसाइकिल पर जा रहे थे। चंचल अब भी चुप ना हुई थी। मुझे बार-बार नाकारा, नालायक कहे जा रही थी। मैं थका हुआ था। इसे दूर करने की शक्ति मुझमें ना थी। मैंने चुप होने को कहा, पर उसने मेरी ना सुनी। मजाक मन मे था, दुनिया हँसती लग रही थी।

मैं पैदल चलकर, साईकल घसीटता, किसी तरह घर पहुँचा। चंचल बराबर बोल रही थी।

मैंने रुपये लिए पर साईकल को घर ही छोड़ दिया। मैं ठेके की ओर निकला।



मक्खी मुँह पर बैठी है। चंचल बराबर बोल रही है। उसकी बातों से लगता है दुनिया मेरे खिलाफ है।

मैं कुछ करूँ, पर अभी नशे में हूँ।

रात के इस पहर, मैं हांडू चुप होया,
कोई उठ जावै, न्यु पाप ना करणा।
एक बात सिरहाने रख सोया था सावण म्ह,
इब रात नै बीते वक़्त की बात खोजूं मैं।

हैरान होवण की कोशिश करियो मित्तर मेरे,
जब बताऊँ कि किन कमियां साथ जीया गया।
बेरा भी होवै मन नै सब किमी बेशक़,
कुणसे घूंट का स्वाद कीसा था।
मेरी शिकायत हजार, अर भ्रम एक,
पैर राह भूलगे या रास्ता नया बणा दिया।

आजादी (भाग-2)

भाग 1 पढ़ने के लिए क्लिक करे।

मैं अभी रो रहा हूँ। मेरे आँसू तुम्हे ना दिखेंगे। बता रहा हूँ, मान लो। बियर मुझे भावुक कर देती है।

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