आज दुनिया का जादू हटाया जाए

आज दुनिया का जादू हटाया जाए,
आज इस शाम की कदर हो जाए।

नारों से मोहित जनता रस्ता देखे बहारों का,
बेहतर हो अगर क़यामत का इंतजार किया जाए।

खुदा, इंसान, शैतान; क्या बने फिरते हो,
तुम बिको औकात-अनुसार जे रूपया रब कहाए।

भूला दो गाय, सूअर, बकरो को,
मुद्दा इंसान है, इनपर विचार बतलाएं।

क्या पर्दे, हिजाब, नक़ाब करे हो,
हटाओ तो चेहरा नजर आये।

चिर पहले सुना कि तेरी शादी आती है

चिर पहले सुना कि तेरी शादी आती है,
अब सामने आकर तू क्या बताती है।

मैं सदा तेरे इस गुण के प्रभाव में रहा,
किस सरलता से तू कठिन बातें कह जाती है।

तुम ना तो खुश दिखते हो, ना दुःखी
ये कैसी मुस्कान चेहरे पर तुमने पाली है।

मेरी आँखें नम ना हुई है,
तुम्हे ग़लतफहमी हुई है।

जाते-जाते जहाँ बसो वहाँ का पता लिख जाना,
आज से उस पते कदमों को मनाही है।

अब तो परदे कर लो खिड़कियों पर,
सब की ख़ुशी सब से देखी ना जाती है।

खाली हुआ गिलास, थोड़ी मय तो डालो
रुदन बाद में छेड़ेंगे, अभी विरह कमसिन है।

उम्मीद लेकर एक भीड़ उनके दर जायेगी

उम्मीद लेकर एक भीड़ उनके दर जाएगी,
उम्मीद देकर आश्वाशन लिए वापस आएगी।

कसकर पकड़ना एक-दूसरे को आज,
तूफ़ान में अकेली अपनी कश्ती होगी।

इनकी जमात के किसी को हमदर्द ना समझना तुम,
अब भेडियो से फ़क़त खाल ना ओढ़ी जायेगी।

रोने-चिल्लाने से आवाज अब ना सुनाई देती है,
गर मरे तो शायद बात दिल्ली जायेगी।

उम्मीदों का भार मन-भवन जर्जर करता आया है,
जे त्यागे तो पल में जिंदगानी बिखरेगी।

Free Bird

My age is less
Yet much I’ve seen
What people always say
They seldom mean
There’s line and lots of ’em
But a free bird has caught me in.

She flies and soars
High in the sky
She paints it like dream
What she saw with her mind’s eye
And people cheer while she does so
People, each and everyone, and I.

And in this bitter world
She’s an innocent child
Untouched by malice
For never she frowned, always smiled
Maybe life has been mean to her
Who knows the marks her heart has concealed.

Now all of this seems illusory
For she is not known to I
But rest assured
A free bird flies high in the sky.

I Pretend

I come across a person
Whether on internet or in real life
It doesn’t matter

So i meet him or her
I talk to them
I always try to show off
Because a look at me
And people always think I am a loser
I don’t want it to be the case
Even if it’s in my head
So i show off
I say big things
I read somewhere
Name big persons
Who aren’t known to me
I do all of this
I sound fake
And the other person
Can sense it

But what can i do
I have to show off
If i don’t
Then i despise them
For no clear reason
Other than the lunacy
That they’re better than me
At certain things
And I
Who is the best human
To walk this Earth
Is not equal to them.

Going Crazy

I sit by the wall
And look up
These sounds speak
Once again
They speak to each other
And tell things
One says that the girl
Whom you rejected
Scorns you
Other says that the girl
Isn’t even aware
Of your existence
One says that you will
Be punished
For this sin
Other says that you’re
Ugly and no woman
Ever spoke to you
One says people see through you
And they know you’re fake
Other says you are always mistaken for who you are
One says that your behaviour
Is weird and it puts people off
Other says that you are too bland
And people don’t like you around
These sounds
Aren’t mine
I think they belong to someone
Who look like me
But isn’t me
But how can this be
I don’t know
All that I know is
I’m going crazy


The paperboy comes in the morning
He throws a newspaper at wall
His aim is always perfect
I pick it up and see it
The paper is wrinkle free and crisp
The faces on it are laughing
The text is pitch black and small
The girl with the mobile phone is attractive
I like the way she smiles, Always
I keep the paper somewhere
I will come back to it
When i have time

I read the small black text
It is always people saying something
Something about promises
Something about killing someone
Something about money and sports
Something about the little world i live in
The black text
It eats my time
It unsettles me
It is not good
It’s just people doing things to people
How is it news
Some human who got killed
How is it gonna make my day
Why do i need this info
I can’t understand it, always
But then I put it away
Terrible things go away
My life sees me again
And always, the girl is smiling