Mirzya : pretentious

I watched Mirzya today, and I am late to the bashing party.

What is Mirzya?
It has been a hour since I walked out of auditorium and reached home, and it still puzzles me. Mirzya is much more than a bad movie, certain things make it measly tolerable.

The songs and the background music is good. Locations used in the film are picturesque. But this is where good things come to a screeching halt.

To start with, this movie, Supposedly inspired from Sahiba-Mirza story, a tragic romance of Punjab, tells two story. The one is of Mohnish and Suchita, two childhood friends, who separates due to some unfortunate events. The second is where some people are racing and practicing their archery skills, and they face fireballs and fireworks, where our hero, despite all odds, impresses the heroine.

The two tales, makes no sense. The actors are on screen, perhaps doing their acting. To be honest, they are just trying to bullshit their way through the film. All this on the name of a love story.

Points Where the Movie is Pointless
1. Kid Mohnish knocks down the Teacher, with a weapon he stole from Suchi’s home, mercilessly. He is barely twelve years old, yet he shows no emotion when he kills. How is this love? I’d have taken this, if Mohnish was a young adult. Fuck love, this kid needs a Psychologist.

2. Why are there so many people doing random things at random intervals?

3. The Prince shot down the horse, but spared Adil when he saw the big CGI Cat. And how Adil befriended the big CGI Cat, when he is wounded.

4. Why the lady, after he helps Suchi run, slits her wrists? I know there are hints of unrequited love, but cutting wrists, what is the point?

5. After Mohnish gunned down the teacher, Suchi is sent away. And when she comes back, it just takes a couple of horseride sessions and chitchat, most of chat done by Suchi, to make them fall in love again. Perhaps she remembered him and their young love, and how in their young love they came down from the top to bottom on cycle. That cycle ride must’ve been a exhilarating and elating experience, for she remembered it for their love.

This Movie is Poetic
It can be. Or it is just a excuse.

The songs, especially Nadi and Pyaar ke Teen Gawah, have imagery and lines which are poetic in expression. Add to it, the picturesque locations and the music, they make this movie tolerable. But this poetic illusion takes a backseat when the actors on screen do nonsense and their acts are stupid.

Little the movie has for real. A lot it has to seem pretentious.

X-Men : Apocalypse

The last time Bryan Singer tried his hands at a X-Men movie, the result, Days of Future Past, was well-received by critics and public alike.  Apocalypse follows the same route, though with some nitpicks. Between BvS and CA:CW, this movie felt lost between discussions and news.

Apocalypse introduces younger versions of original trilogy’s characters, namely Scott, Jean and Ororo. And it does so without any major hiccups, though Sophie Turner as Jean Grey felt odd at times. I blame my mind here, as every time I see her I think about Sansa getting superpowers, and also because Famke’s Jean is still the embodiment of Jean Grey in X-Men movies.

Bryan Singer listens to his audience and pays attention, it seems. One of the scenes that stood out in Days of Future Past was Quicksilver’s slow-motion scene, where he saved Logan, Magneto and Professor Xavier from bullets in Pentagon. Apocalypse builds up another scene of this variety, as Quicksilver saves people again. Bryan mentioned that this particular scene took one and a half month to get done. And by looking at the final product, I’d say that all the hard work paid handsomely, as you look at the screen and gasp in awe about how breathtakingly awesome this scene looks.

Days of Future Past rewrote past, so the future is different. The  questions Days of Future Past left, i.e. Logan’s fate and Mystique’s role in the future, Apocalypse answers them all.


Captain America : Civil War

This is not a review. It can be my views. It can be things I want to tell people who listen. It can be anything, but it is not a review.

This year, two of the most anticipated superhero movies, BvS & CA:CW, happened. Films which have fan-favorite characters (read superheroes) and they are all set to answer the question which has been asked by everyone in their lifetime, who will win a fight between him & him; it seemed like a fanboy’s dream. A dream which turned into a nightmare with BvS. I had hoped CA:CW will follow the same path, taking Avengers 2 of previous year into consideration. But CA:CW proved me wrong. It addresses the faults BvS had, and saves the day.

Civil War As A Stand Alone Film
Civil War kick starts MCU’s 3rd phase with success. I’d reiterate it ; Civil War saves the day.

Tony Stark feels responsible for the lost lives, which happened directly or indirectly due to his actions. So he thinks that someone should be watching over them, Avengers, to make sure that a city doesn’t get destroyed again, including people in it. So he endorses the Sokovian Accords, accords by 117 countries to supervise Avengers and their actions. Captain Rogers, on the other side, thinks that these accords will severely limit their freedom and will make them more like puppets. That’s all fine, until Winter Soldier gatecrashes the party.

As a film, CW executes itself beautifully. The Russo brothers have done a better job with juggling with characters at their hands. CW introduces new characters like Black Panther and Spider Man to the MCU, and does this without missing a thing.

Sure, having so many characters, it was deemed as Avengers 2.5. But it is a Captain America movie, and it stays till the very end. It does give the breathing space to new characters which they need, but it is careful with this practice. They more or less play their part, but ultimately, Captain Rogers is the one who decides things.

The new and relatively young Spider Man, is new to MCU. While I think a few lines and scenes are not enough to form my opinion, but Spider Man does the work he was invited by Stark to do – shooting web and kicking ass. And he does it in an amazing way. Same is the case with Black Panther. Though I didn’t have any sort of introduction with the character before the movie, but the movie gives him his purpose.

Civil War vs BvS
Civil War, intentionally or not so, will sure make people compare it to BvS. The similarity between them is uncanny here, two heroes goes all out on each other. Whatever others say, I will choose Civil War over BvS any given day.

The problems which BvS had, CW addresses them. It introduces new characters, without feeling overstuffed at moments.

P.S. Kevin, it’s high time. Black Widow should have his solo film.

The Jungle Book : Perfect

Jungle Jungle Baat chali hai pata chala hai, chaddi pehenke phool khila phool khila hai

The Jungle Book on Sahara One, was one of the few cartoons I was fortunate enough to see. This show was the sole reason I picked up its source book and started reading books.

The Jungle Book was published in 1894, i.e. the nineteenth century. This classic of Rudyard Kipling, since then, has been used multiple times to create cartoons, cartoon movies and other media works who were based on it. Perhaps the most known of them being the Disney classic movie of the same name which was released in 1967.

The Jungle Book is a live-action movie, with CGI accompanying it to create the world of Mowgli. So, Mowgli is a kid who has been living in the Jungle with wolves for as long as he can remember. Life is all merry and happy for him, until Shere Khan comes along and threatens him. It is then, he is forced to leave his family and friends i.e. the wolves behind and seek man’s company.

Jon Favreau is just to the film in a way which shows itself. The CGI extravagance, despite constituting the majority of film, never overwhelms. It rather feels lifelike at moments, often forcing me to think how much CGI has progressed over the years. Also one thing I noted was the change of King Louie from an Orangutan to a relatively big monkey whom I don’t know about. It makes no sense for a film which is set in India to have a animal character as native which is not native to it.

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Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of DC Shared Universe

DC is late to the shared universe party which Marvel started successfully. And now they are doing it as soon as possible.

BvS starts with a simple but nonetheless exciting promise; that we’ll see Superman and Batman joining hands, whether in battle or in situations. But it goes beyond this simple promise. At 2 hours and 33 minutes, it is a long movie. And also a tedious one to watch. The entire first half of the movie is muddled. Introducing new characters, setting up plot, providing themroom to develop, this movie has both of its hands full at anytime that it fails to pickup anything which falls.

So, the whole world is bent on whether Superman is a threat or a gift to mankind. Some people like him, some do not. Affleck’s Batman hate him for the mayhem he caused, and Lex, well he has always hated him. Miss Prince appears now and then, reminding viewers she’s also here in the superhero brawl.

Cavill’s Superman is, if anything, more muscular. Affleck’s Batman is angrier. Lex is a little sissy whose favorite toy has been taken away. Lane is busy acting Damsel in distress.

Second half is where things get a little interesting. Batman and Superman fight it out, Justice League members have their cameo, Miss Prince finally comes out of the closet, Lex releases Doomsday (or say CGI extravagance). In between them, little remains of the original promise.

Another summer mindless action CGI flick, it is. I had hopes with it, alas! they were not met.

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Chef : Delicious

I have just watched ‘Chef.’ It is a delicious movie.

Written, directed and produced by Jon Favreau, this movie is about a Chef, who has just lost his job and as the movie progresses, it talks about passion, relationships and going back to roots, or basics.

It is a delicious movie, and I do mean it. Visually appeasing food to clever and humorous banter just in right quantities, this one is just perfect.

The story unfolds turn by turn. One of its subplot features a ripped family, which gets back eventually. Also, it is really a treat to watch as the son-father duo, down the road, get closer and come to share a bond.

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The Revenant

I watched The Revenant yesterday. Starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hardy in the lead, this film is well, slightly underwhelming.

The whole film follows Hugh Glass, a fur trader or explorer. How he kills a grizzly bear and how he catches up to Fitzgerald, who left him out in the open to die.

The production of this ambitious movie was said to be affected by notorious weather which forced it to last many days longer than they thought. Tom Hardy had to leave Suicide Squad due to this.

In the movie, nature plays a big role. It is by the same director who brought us Birdman, and he shot this film using natural light. While nature was the prime adversity in making this film possible, but in the movie it isn’t. The nature scenics act as a background against which the characters show and tell themselves. It’s greed, revenge and selfishness which drives them ultimately, leading to the circumstances one after another. Even though it is brutal human nature, the movie shows glimmers of hope and innocence every now and then, through Bridgler or The Arikara who treated Hugh.

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