Who we are?

Whom we fight?

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जै रामजी की

इस कहानी में एक लड़का-लड़की है। वो एक-दूसरे को प्रेम करते है या नही, ये मुझे नही पता है। पास खड़े बंदे ने मुझे यही बताया कि एक लड़का और एक लड़की है।

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The tale which has days

Another day begins and I am done,

With waking up and renewing myself.

The effort alone is not enough,

Unless the bird cries the hardest and,

It shakes the cage.

Ask me what I can do and I will say,

I will be happy for others and depressed for myself.

These different phases do not call for help,

But these apologies stay here and do not fly,

Where they should go.

They should soothe the ones I wounded.

I keep them to myself, this inability,

What are the chances of going back now.

I ask now, you and everyone,

I am not good at this thing where,

Feeling warm and sorry should be extended.

I am cold and I am swallowing many things,

To let these words pass without any hiccups.

I am sorry for things done and words said,

And I ain’t doing this to keep my days easy.

I am me, and will continue to be.

But I want you to forget your wounds and,

And just go on with the days.

You are real and good.

Stay so.