I write words together. Take their literal meaning and, Get them inside whatever brain you have. Life is hell, for us, And no, we are not the chosen ones for this honor. You can have this honor too. But I do not want to share it with anyone. I have it and I want to keep it. To myself and I want to die with it. It ain’t gold so it would not get expensive with time. It ain’t living so it will never die. No one exactly knows what it is. So the thing unknown is useless. I am keeping this forever. I won’t give it you. And I would not even tell anyone of it’s existence. Because the basic nature of people, Is they want the things for which they have no use. Here. You have it. You have no use for it, so, Let me keep it. Let me. Because it will make you like me. And I am alone and I want to be alone, Despite this knowledge that loneliness kills. This slow poison is deep within me. And I have rejected the cure again and again. So think before you come and ask for it. I am keeping it forever.

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