Clouds, Stupidity and Good Looking Faces

The night is cloudy. I don’t see any stars. I think the clouds have had too much pastime and it’s due time they do their work. And in this case, they should rain.

I had rain on my mind, before it went back to Varnika Kundu. I don’t know why.

I got acquainted with her, thanks to the news. The news is that two guys chased her in Chandigarh. She called the Police and they were in jail shortly after. One of them was Vikas Barala, son of a BJP leader. Now what proceeded next is known to all, he got bail.

All of this seems simple as I type it. I want it to be, but it’s not. This case (I ain’t a journalist or one of related folks), is messed up. I have opposing thoughts about it. A word of caution, my thoughts have grains of stupidity in them.

The first view is simple. I’ve heard about Rohtak sisters and Jasleen Kaur. Both of those involved women who took unfair advantage of men and made their lives hell. So it is another one of those cases. This woman, Varnika, in hope of getting some fame, got Vikas behind bars.

The second thought is that Varnika is innocent. She’s just a regular person who is happy in her own world. Vikas’ father is a top honcho in BJP. The social norm is that young people abuse their powers. So, Vikas harassed Varnika because he had some sort of superpower given to him by his father.

It was all this and nothing more. Thoughts I had after reading news. All this until I saw this.



I didn’t know ShainaNC. I looked at her DP and thought, she looks good. She did tweet this picture and intrigued me enough to do a google search.

Google told me that she is a spokesperson for BJP. Just another good looking face chosen by HighCommand to speak about their propaganda. She did tweet this. But later she removed it and hid behind the excuse that her account was hacked. Apparently, her account getting hacked led her to an epiphany and she stood with Varnika shortly after, with a hashtag #IstandwithVarnika. Maybe hacking of account is online synonym of change of heart.

It is a mess. Thick, thin and unsettling. Truth is hidden somewhere and no one knows what it looks like. Or what it sounds like.
But we’ve got media and people working tirelessly to solve it. Maybe after countless posts, comments and debates later, we’ll know the truth.

It’s night. I should sleep.

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