Problems of A Common Man

Problem. It is a harmless word in itself. But the burden it carries is phenomenal. I don’t like it. The untold rule of generalisation is, if I don’t like a thing, then people don’t like it. Going by this rule, it is evident no one likes problems.

Things I have Problem With
Everything which I don’t like or find irksome, I have a problem with.

But I’m a sane human. I know problems are a part of life. It is inseparable. Life has a problem. Solve it and another comes. Life is  spent on this. But if every problem is solved, then life’s a big scary unknown. And again going by the untold rule of generalisation, no one would like that. So I remain content with my life. I have problems. And I know how to cope with them. But still there are some things which are so ugly, it is impossible to ignore them. They are meant to be hated blindly. These things are numerous, and the untold rule of generalisation tells me that everyone would like to know them.

So without further ado, here they are.

I love Politics, but I hate politicians. Politics is a good thing. It is a tool we need to deal with some of our problems. I love it. I love it for the simple fact that it is meant for humans to engage in finding solutions for their problems in a civilised way. I also love it for the fact that it saves me from continuous pestering by my old man, as he leaves me alone when he discusses it with his tea-friends enthusiastically.

So I hate politicians. Everyone does. But I am not in this hate-fest like everyone. I have valid reasons.

Election comes, along with politicians. The politician then visits homes of common people. He promises them a bright future. A future where ‘vikas’ is everywhere. A future where the common man won’t have to lose his slippers to Govt. Offices. And the common man believes it. He votes for him. He makes him MP & MLA. He hopes that politician will work for him and will take decision which will make his life easier. But reality is bitter. All they do is bitching about each other, kadi ninda, throwing chairs at each other, scams, and occasionally sleeping in Parliament. Post-election, they are nowhere to be seen and so are their promises.

This is a valid reason for hating them. But I don’t hate them for it.  The profession of politician requires a man to do certain things. Now it’s a totally different matter that the things are fooling common man with fake promises and visiting their homes. They do them to be a politician. Now hating a person for being true to himself is wrong. And I’m optimistic that under this facade of a politician, is a person who is another common man. A man who earns and cares for his family.

The Perks of being a Wallflower Politician
The profession of politician is a lucrative one. And it has numerous perks.

By being a politician, one receives infinite ‘ijjat’ and garlands wherever he goes. He attracts people. People come to him like a pan spit to the Govt. Office’s walls. People continuously say big things about him and even then he stays humble and down to earth. He accepts what people say but never lets it get to his head. He is always fighting a battle between between being humble and having a puffy ego. And he always stays humble. It is not known how he does it. Perhaps this struggle is what makes him a great man and we read about him in our books.

Another perk a politician has is, they don’t even have to try to become famous. The smallest of oddity or happening to them makes headlines and breaking news. It is like the profession of politician changes a person’s DNA. It changes them on a cellular level. They attract attention without even trying. What’s more, they pass it on to their kids in ‘virasat.’

Another perk a politician has, is job and financial security for himself and his upcoming ‘saat pushtein.’ Even God is yet to see a politician doing another job and his kids always seem to follow him. And this is a big perk. The way one politician makes the lives of seven generations easier is a commendable task. And this definitely makes him a great man. It is rare when a person thinks for someone other than himself before doing a work. If above is not the reason, then this is definitely why we read about him in our books.

I hate politicians for these perks they have. I hate them because they have it and I don’t. I hate politicians because I am not one.

Even though I am not one yet, I am trying to become one. And I do it constantly. Perseverance is the key to success.

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