Stupid & Scared

My College is a wild place. Young energy, in all shape and size, flows there. However, at times, this energy goes a wee bit over the mark.

Today, a chap was beaten here. Why? He sent fb message to a girl. The girl, in turn, told her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, in turn, thrashed him. A funny chain of events. However, this has made me afraid.

A month of two back, there was this girl on facebook whom I came across. She was lovely. I wanted to talk to her. But there was no way. So I sent her two messages. But I didn’t send any lame hi or hello message, I thought for a bit and sent her two couplets. Maybe they qualify for poetry. But there was no reply and I forgot about it. Until today when the beating reminded me.

I am a little bit scared. Everytime I try to divert my thoughts from this matter, they come back. And I am tired. So I’m left with no other option rather than write about it.

The Private Space
Every one has their private space online. And no one likes when it is infringed upon.
Yes. I do understand that girl must’ve disliked this act of mine where I sent her messages. And I feel sorry for it (not because of the stupid beating). I feel sorry for it was a desperate and stupid move and it caused someone a little bit of distress. It was only later I realised it. Everyone has a private space and one should respect it. If one isn’t interested in you, move on. However, the damage was already done.

Was I wrong?
I don’t know. But I admit it was a stupid thing. Maybe I am a bit over reacting here because I am scared.

Not trying to sympathise to attract some niceties, women, online, go through these kind of stupidity umpteen times in a day. Some people are nice, some downright rude and some creepy as creepy gets. Where do I fit? I don’t know.

I don’t  know a lot, but apology.


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