Bruised ego and its after-effects

See. There is a man who has got problems with everything and everyone. He has got problems with himself too. He has problem with the way he lives and thinks. He has problem with the people who he refers to as family or friends. He has problem when something is done to him like a prank. He has problem when his ego is bruised. He has problem when he feels impotent and helpless. Problem is the sole thing he has. Solutions don’t matter, problems do. It seems like his existence is limited to the concept of problems.

I think I can write something resembling to poem now.

I take a breath
Slowly and without making any sound
Silence can be felt
The movement of clock is audible
Outside, the world is functioning
People, most of them, seems to be sleeping
Why can’t I be one of them.
The moonlight seeps from the cracks
It has got a playful silvery sheen
The moonlight has been here since time immemorial
Then why it is tonight I notice it
How profoundly it covers everything it comes across
It binds itself to everything
And blends them with itself
Giving them its silver shade
Even to the darkness it does so.
Cold wind blows in the distant
And makes this body shiver
Mind is so careless to notice
How hollow the body feels
I wish i could talk to the moonlight
Welcome him into my innermost thoughts
Bad, good, sad, gloomy, happy
And every shade they have
I wish moonlight to come
And make my thoughts alike it
Blending them with the same shade
So that sad is happy and happy ks gloomy
And it becomes difficult to differentiate between them
And pointless then it will be think about useless things
And maybe it will make the day better and life bearable.

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