There is so much anger
In me that i want to spray
Kick my feet against a wall
Or even start a brawl
I just couldn’t care enough
To listen things people bluff.
Good things are good
Bad things ain’t bad
Who taught you this
I ask you beforehand
Before i tell my tale
In my half baked attempts
Things might come to me
Which i was unable to say
There was this love
For whom i used to care a lot
Now it is dead in there
It pains but it hurts me not
All these feelings inside
Bottled up against pride
Too heavy to take a fall
And this thing indeed takes a toll.
I too used to be a human like you
But overtime I changed
There is a mist
Which I can’t see through
The glass is fogged
The future I haven’t seen
Present is pathetic scene
If i try to describe
What i write
Why i pen down something
Or something i inscribe
I might say anything
But I choke when I see her glide.

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