These are random things. They come to me often and I have no clue what to do with them. So I write them here.

The Online Rating
I am an avid user of facebook. I don’t use it to connect with people. I use it to ignore people when I am in the open. What I do there? Mostly I flip through people’s pictures, look at some pictures and gawk at beautiful girls. And i rate them out of 10, in my mind. This is a stupid practice. Who am I to rate and judge them? I don’t have much to berate myself. I am an idiot in my daily practices.

Pictures on display are made up of pixels. RGB. Colors. They make everything I see on screen. Then how come a girl appears exquisite. Loneliness, look at what you’ve made me do.

The Ghosts of Yesteryears
Today, in College, I stood at the chowk. I looked at people, busy in their business. The girls were pretty though, I admit. Now, a friend comes up and informs me she is there. On hearing this, I ran. I ran till I reached the gate. There, I took a breath and composed myself.
Now, after five hours, I still can’t grasp what made me run from there. Was it her? Was it the unfulfilled expectations? Or was it just that I was bored. I don’t know exactly.


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