Tales from Moneypur ; A dateless diary entry

Dear Diary,

Now that my day is about to get done, I think it will be good, looking at it in retrospect.

I woke up and grabbed my phone. The same routine I follow every damn day. Checking facebook and whatsapp to see if there is anything new for me, but there isn’t any. The room is cold and the weather is harsh against my skin. Bed is warm and comforting, the place to be this morning.

I left bed. I had to, as I couldn’t have breakfast there. I finished it, and went to take a bathe. The water was cold. It took me a lot of time to prepare myself. It was dramatic. First I poured a little water on my hands, and splashed it against my chest. Forget hairs spiking straight, the splash felt like someone hit me with a shoe with all of his might. It was useless asking myself to remind that It’ll be soon over. But I lived through that.

I went to College and met people. Meeting them was pleasing. I have never seen a human so happy to see me. Perhaps they don’t know the real me and I’m yet to disappoint them.

In College, there is a queer fella named Shiv Fazilpuriya. I like my intuition. First glance I had at him and I knew that he was a moron. I didn’t know till today. I didn’t know because I am an idiot. I don’t want people to judge me and yet I judge them. Trilok walked up to me and shot his breadth at me. His breadth made me miserable. That tomfool was drunk. He kept saying that her bachcha shouldn’t know this. I wanted to slap him, but I stopped myself. It is beyond my wits why people drink to make an idiot of themselves. They exude idiocy even when they are sane.

Sight at College was depressing. A great many couples were there. They sat together, hushed and giggled occasionally. Even Aksh was with Khushi. What did they talk about? Maybe they were telling each other Whatsapp joke. Whatever they did, it made me uncomfortable. It was evident. Each one of the boys was with a girl. Holding hands, laughing, looking at each other. They looked happy together. And I was alone. I hate to admit it, but I also want someone. I should talk to a girl, but I couldn’t. I look at many girls. They look good. But mind is blank when I try to chat with them. Perhaps I have been in my cocoon for so long that I have forgotten what it is like to connect with a girl. Perhaps I like being lonely, but I don’t fancy it.

I was coming back home in a bus. The Bus was filled with a lot of people. They were talking, mostly about government and its decision to discontinue ₹500 & ₹1000 note. Some appreciated the movie, some criticized it. A fella talked about how it will curb black money. Another talked about its funny aspects. I refrained myself from indulging. Even though I did nothing but listened to them, it felt good to b e a part of the common man discussion. I also noticed that common man is truly common. He isn’t keen on discussing which religion is better or who has received filmfare awards. When the day ends, most of us are happy being us, caring for our family.


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