Why I Love You

This is not an open letter. It is a real letter, I would’ve written to you, if I knew your address or name.

How love starts? I think it starts with liking someone. And the more you gets to know them, the more the line between like & love gets blurry.

I liked you in an instant the first time I saw you. It was impulsive, I think. Something over which I had no control. Besides, you are lovely from any perspective. Don’t know about the inner you (the inner beauty people so often talk about), but your physical features, i.e. eyes, voice, hair, the way you look etc., were all adorable. And maybe that’s why I love your sight. But it is not the sole reason, for why I love you.

I don’t like pop songs and romcom movies. Once I have them, they cling to me and refuse to leave. But they are my guilty pleasure. I return to them often, to feel the misery of not having someone who will make life joyful. I watch them for they make me feel the loneliness of life. I know I’m not lonely. I enjoy staying alone. Solitude is my escape from daily life. It is all good, but I like to have someone who will listen.

I don’t even know your name and I have only seen you a few times, and yet I love you. It is careless and stupid.

Good company? Perhaps. I can only imagine. And this imagination, it is perfect. But this ain’t why I love you.

I came to College and it was a new  place. I was terrified. I was schoolsick. I despised College, all this until I saw you.

work in progress

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