Afternoon Walk : Tales from Moneypur

It is afternoon. The sun is in its full glory. Nithash walks towards his home, lost in his own thoughts.

I continue walking, despite the numbing pain in my ankles. Home is far, so I’ll have to walk. I must be stringent. College canteen and the sandwiches, they can wait. But Moneypur Tempowala’s won’t.

Walking and Waking. I dislike both. They take me away from my favorite things. Bed in the morning and her in the afternoon. A juxtaposition of my favorite things, is the remedy perhaps.

College equals curiosity. I wonder why those kids have taken a liking to it. There is nothing lika…

Meanwhile, A car, in its pursuit to beat Bugati, went past by him, barely touching him.

‘Bhosdike! Dekh ke na chala sakta ke’, an outcry, in response to the sudden surprise, found an outlet.

Asshole. They get a car under their ass and they act like they own the road. Brat.

Yes. College. I wonder why people like it. Canteen’s food is good. Teachers are helpful. But what else? Perhaps I’m missing something. It must be their group and the selfie. I don’t like selfies. They make people weird. Girls make their lips awkward. They resemble a calf who has been stopped from milkfeeding in middle. Also boys lift their eyebrows. I know they don’t read a thing. Perhaps being weird is cool.

Lifting his head and gawking at the sign ahead, he says to himself, “Ah! Home has come.”

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