Indian Intelligentsia

The intelligentsia of India is crazy. And so is the media. Both are inseparable and complete each other. Ah! A match made over tweets. How lovely!

And how do I become a part of this cool group intelligentsia? Maybe I should write an open letter to the PM, Or just support the Kashmiri militants, or I can show my displeasure at this unfortunate event where Pakistani artistes were made to leave India. Savvy.

So, Pakistan attacked and killed 18 of our military personnel. Our Army retaliated and there was a surgical strike. In the meanwhile the whole nation resonates with this anti-Paki vibe. Shiv Sena even asked the Paki artists to leave India and well, the Paki artistes, they followed it.

So what is this outcry?
I don’t know. Some supported this move and some opposed it. Some played along the lines. Me, I lived another day without giving a damn about them. Well, until today, when I read the news that Essel owner asked the Paki artistes to condemn the Uri attack and they didn’t. Perhaps they were being patriotic and loyal to their country. It is cute.

Now, the point is, they were asked to condemn terrorism, not their country. And yet, they did not do it.

Karan Johar, the person behind KKHH and KKKG, wants to know if sending back Fawad Khan will stop terrorism. Also, Mahesh Bhatt wants to stop terrorism, not talks.

Well, they are right in what they say. Sending back Fawad Khan will not stop terrorism. Nor killing talks will. They are right, but the others are not wrong too.

Army fights for country and her people. We should support them wholeheartedly.

Here in Gurgaon, there is a Tau Devilal Stadium. I have gone there multiple times, to attend the open rally for Army recruitment. For this, people come from far-off places and villages. And we wait there all night, outside the stadium, on its premises. In the name of facilities provided there, there isn’t any. Except
Light coming from the street light. We sit and sleep on the pavement. For water, we have to rely on the shops nearby. And what I see there everytime I go, is common folk like me. Mind you, I’ve been there four times and I haven’t seen a single person coming in a Audi or BMW. The people there are all healthy and sane, we don’t wait and sit outside because we are ordered to do so. We do it out of our own will. We do it because we know that it is nothing in front a soldier who is on the border, facing all oddities of weather and other things.

Now, we accept the things we receive in virsa or virasat. A film actor’s kid becomes actor, or in any way becomes part of the film industry. A businessman’s kid joins his father’s business. A politician’s kid becomes politician. A news reporter’s kid, well don’t know about them. I’ve often wondered, who are these unnamed soldiers who die on the frontline. Were they a minister’s kid, or a rich businessman’s? Did they came from a family where the majority of people are engaged in film industry?

Work in progress

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