Moneypur Tales : DARK

I sit at home, looking at the sky. I have no idea what I will do the next hour or the next day. Living in the moment, perhaps they have termed it like this. It has been raining cats and dogs here in Moneypur since last night.

My friends visited. I stayed at home instead of going to College in this downpour. How much they think of me? My feelings feels an instant shift, or say a change. I am indeed lucky. Oh no! It is the old cynic mind speaking again. Friends came because they wanted your books, not because they care for you. After all! No one in his right state of mind would come to your smelly room.

I think I should tell you a little about my old cynic mind. Inside my head, there is a constant struggle between two voices. I don’t know which one is right at times. I just let them do things the way them deem ok. One is mr. bright side, the glass is half full, and the other is old cynic, fill the glass with goddamn whisky.

Well, old cynic was right. The room is indeed smelly. And the walls are sore pain to the eye. They haven’t been painted from the last three years. “I will tell dad to lend me money to paint ’em this month”, but old cynic knows the answer already.

College? Ah! It feels so good there. my friends are there. The library is there. Teachers are there. Also, she is there. But what’s stopping me? Oh yes! The same old shirt and trousers. They are dirty and old. I could wash them, but this weather  wouldn’t let  them dry. Moreover, what will washing them do? She will never look at me. I need new clothes. I will ask father.

The sun is going down. The sky looks reddish. And lo! Father is home. Eh! He is drunk and dirty again. Drenched in sweat. The work must be more than average today. I heard that Government has lifted it’s ban on construction of buildings. Must’ve been lifting bricks all day.

Scrounging the pocket of his father’s shirt for money, he finds 50 bucks. Must’ve bought liquor, he thinks to himself.

The sky is pitch dark now. Moonlight peeks from behind clouds. Stars are nowhere to be seen. It is dark everywhere.

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