Woh Woes

WohIt is a small world I live in. So small, I could cup it with my hands. So if anything shakes it, I duly take notice.
College life is new. It is interesting and bizarre. Everything is new and they evoke the urge to experience them. Eating at Canteen, bunk a lecture, losing myself in a sea of people, gawking at trees, seeing squirrels collect food; everything is new.
There are many attractive girls in College. A group of girls and boys is a common sight in College. I might not admit it to anyone, but in my innermost desires, I’ve always desired a friend who is a female. Coming from a Pind and Sarkari School where even thinking of having a female friend is scoffed at, it is hard for me to approach girls. Let me tell you a incident.

It was my second day in College. First day went like Sunday, in a jiffy. Everything was new and there was no one who offered considerate help. While walking down the corridor, I saw a girl whom I remembered from the first day. I asked her for help regarding lecture timings. Instead of helping and uttering a word or syllable, she just twitched her nose and waved me off. I was flabbergasted. I know my face is funny and all, but she could’ve helped me there.

I don’t bear any ill grudge against her for this. But the way she responded has made it even more awkward for me to confront a girl.

Now just envision yourself in my position. A conservative society and equally conservative environment at school, it has molded me differently than others. I know a girl ain’t any different from me. They are also humans. But humans are complicated. They are hard wired to be complicated.


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