Hello, hi there, how are you?

My father said we are family

But ain’t it an anomaly for me

Because the one and only thing I know

Is your name and I wonder now

If this is what makes us family.
These movies of bollywood

Larger than life they stood

All lies told in them, no truth

But still I like the way they showed

Families and that too happy and gay.

But life differs from real to reel,
Not only that, but also the way we feel.
Family, a grand word and larger the mean it means,
But today the truth is obscene

You and father are said to be brother

But the two of you doesn’t even bother

To put this word to its mean

The way you two act, I’ve seen

It’s like you two are mere creature

And blood and surname is a shared feature

Between you two and between us kids

Ahead is something meaningful, so pay heed.

Talk is what makes a man,

Someone’s family and someone’s friend

Break the ice and It’s a breeze

Just initiate the talk and see time freeze.

But in-between if there’s a wall

Due to a mismatch that happened like a brawl

Then i think the answer lies in the soul

Just initiate the talk and forget it all.

But, this case is shut

In case we or you are proud

Life is short, then just remember

We are nothing but part of a crowd.


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