Just another rant

People around me are falling in and out of love, planning to buy a new thing, thinking about getting a job, shopping, and whatnot. The essence is they are doing something. They have got plans for the next hour and the next day. And I am just, sitting stationary, still dreaming what it’d be like to do one of these things.

It is moments like these which catch me without my guard. I had no desire for a soulmate or a girlfriend, until I saw someone a couple at the next table talking to each other, joining hands. The simple fact is, people provoke desires in me. Just the previous day, a mate was narrating how he met a girl on his trip in the Bus, and I found myself dreaming about this the next moment.

Unfulfilled expectations. They are really something. They get to the real you and reveal something you did not know about yourself before.

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