X-Men : Apocalypse

The last time Bryan Singer tried his hands at a X-Men movie, the result, Days of Future Past, was well-received by critics and public alike.  Apocalypse follows the same route, though with some nitpicks. Between BvS and CA:CW, this movie felt lost between discussions and news.

Apocalypse introduces younger versions of original trilogy’s characters, namely Scott, Jean and Ororo. And it does so without any major hiccups, though Sophie Turner as Jean Grey felt odd at times. I blame my mind here, as every time I see her I think about Sansa getting superpowers, and also because Famke’s Jean is still the embodiment of Jean Grey in X-Men movies.

Bryan Singer listens to his audience and pays attention, it seems. One of the scenes that stood out in Days of Future Past was Quicksilver’s slow-motion scene, where he saved Logan, Magneto and Professor Xavier from bullets in Pentagon. Apocalypse builds up another scene of this variety, as Quicksilver saves people again. Bryan mentioned that this particular scene took one and a half month to get done. And by looking at the final product, I’d say that all the hard work paid handsomely, as you look at the screen and gasp in awe about how breathtakingly awesome this scene looks.

Days of Future Past rewrote past, so the future is different. The  questions Days of Future Past left, i.e. Logan’s fate and Mystique’s role in the future, Apocalypse answers them all.



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