Captain America : Civil War

This is not a review. It can be my views. It can be things I want to tell people who listen. It can be anything, but it is not a review.

This year, two of the most anticipated superhero movies, BvS & CA:CW, happened. Films which have fan-favorite characters (read superheroes) and they are all set to answer the question which has been asked by everyone in their lifetime, who will win a fight between him & him; it seemed like a fanboy’s dream. A dream which turned into a nightmare with BvS. I had hoped CA:CW will follow the same path, taking Avengers 2 of previous year into consideration. But CA:CW proved me wrong. It addresses the faults BvS had, and saves the day.

Civil War As A Stand Alone Film
Civil War kick starts MCU’s 3rd phase with success. I’d reiterate it ; Civil War saves the day.

Tony Stark feels responsible for the lost lives, which happened directly or indirectly due to his actions. So he thinks that someone should be watching over them, Avengers, to make sure that a city doesn’t get destroyed again, including people in it. So he endorses the Sokovian Accords, accords by 117 countries to supervise Avengers and their actions. Captain Rogers, on the other side, thinks that these accords will severely limit their freedom and will make them more like puppets. That’s all fine, until Winter Soldier gatecrashes the party.

As a film, CW executes itself beautifully. The Russo brothers have done a better job with juggling with characters at their hands. CW introduces new characters like Black Panther and Spider Man to the MCU, and does this without missing a thing.

Sure, having so many characters, it was deemed as Avengers 2.5. But it is a Captain America movie, and it stays till the very end. It does give the breathing space to new characters which they need, but it is careful with this practice. They more or less play their part, but ultimately, Captain Rogers is the one who decides things.

The new and relatively young Spider Man, is new to MCU. While I think a few lines and scenes are not enough to form my opinion, but Spider Man does the work he was invited by Stark to do – shooting web and kicking ass. And he does it in an amazing way. Same is the case with Black Panther. Though I didn’t have any sort of introduction with the character before the movie, but the movie gives him his purpose.

Civil War vs BvS
Civil War, intentionally or not so, will sure make people compare it to BvS. The similarity between them is uncanny here, two heroes goes all out on each other. Whatever others say, I will choose Civil War over BvS any given day.

The problems which BvS had, CW addresses them. It introduces new characters, without feeling overstuffed at moments.

P.S. Kevin, it’s high time. Black Widow should have his solo film.


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