Know it

Night brings loneliness out of its closet. It greets me with a straight face and comes and clings to me. Even when I am surrounded by people, it clings to me and sucks all of my happiness.

Everytime I have tried talking to people about heartbreak and recovery, the stock response is that it will get better with time. It is a useless belief that time heals every thing or everything gets better with time. It is just the rhetorical way of saying a thing. Time does not heal everything. It just makes people forget these things, but year later when they recall it, then it is the same story all over again.

Everyone talks about moving on to better things. But it is not easy at all. It is not easy to forget all the time you spent together, all the things you did together and multiple things done together. It is not easy to forget them and start anew.

Child! Give me time
To fix myself and mend things
So we can be at peace
With each-other and ourself too.

I don’t like your sight
Where you’re dishevelled and out of spirit
Because it seems to me that
Somewhere I am responsible for all this.

I will not ask for forgiveness
For i want to feel the guilt and burden
What i put you through in those days
I also want a slice of that experience.

Time is passing by
And I won’t be here for long
Child! Just give me some time
It’s all that in the end, I ask.


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