Unknown. Undefined.

Read. Read more. Read whenever you can.

Yes this has been my motto since I picked up my first book. But with an ever increasing number of books, and the opinions they present which paints the world in a whole new picture. One time it is heaven made possible on the earth, and then the next moment, hell becomes reality.

You see the world as you want to  see it.
I don’t know who coined this term. But relevance here is on the spot. From a broken-heart-and-will-power-human to a wannabe poet, from a know-it-all to a village idiot, from intimidating to being intimidated, I’ve experienced every thing (read my foolishness) there is worth a try. But still, I remain clueless as ever.

Love. Beloved. Give love. Take love. A four letter word which carries so many things with it. Merely expressing it can start a never-ending discussion. What is there to do about it? And what is there to know about it?

One sided love, or crush, is one of its specimen which is dangerous, if it happens to anyone. Experience when taken with severity can make one lose their mind and soul, especially if they think or even have a hunch that what they want to give, what their earnest desire is not realized or reciprocated by their better other half. It leads to a condition where one becomes oblivious to the work around him. This is self-destruction. And not everyone’s life is a fight club.

Everything must be questioned, and likewise answered, within a context. The more courageous you try to be, the more senseless it becomes. Moreover, worthless the human being and their psyche are termed by masses, if they try to break out of their shackles.

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