Death and Calmness

My paternal uncle’s father passed away today. From little I know of him, he was a good man.

Life is uncertain. We are alive today. Who knows about tomorrow? What might happen the next day? I am not an advocate of The YOLO way, but there are moments when I do question myself.

Death is certain. It is calmness. It is the sole truth of life and our existence. What remains of us, the legacy, lives in the memory of people we knew.

Life, it goes on. Perhaps this is both a good and a bad thing about it. It doesn’t wait for anyone. It trods down the path in its own style.

आज है तो है
आने वाले किसी कल को कहा रह जायेंगे
जीवन चलता जायेगा
पथिक को चलना पड़ेगा
राह में मोड़ बहुत आयेंगें
सुख दुःख के पहलू चलते रहेंगे
सफ़र में आनंद तो झटके भी मिलते ही रहेंगे
सफ़र मुसाफिर और मंजिल
ये चन्द लफ्ज़ क्या बयाँ कर पाएंगे
एक जीवन की कहानी को।

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