Ullyses and Walter Mitty

Today, I read Ullyses and watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The central theme, I think which is living life, was common in both.

Now I know a little about Ullyses’ background. Lord Tennyson wrote this poem in 1833. It is written in free verse, as a monologue, which the speaker Ullyses, speaks first to himself and then his mates who were with him on his travels. He ponders over his life, that it is not wise to live in a monotone with his old wife. He says that to remain stationary and merely breathing is not life, there is much more novelty to it. He wishes to live life to its fullest, even though he’s old and short on time.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2014) is a movie by Ben Stiller. He acted and directed this movie. It is about Walter who has a habit of daydreaming, who lives his life in his mind. It is about how he goes from daydreaming to living his dreams, catching up with life in the task.

The way I see it, both are works of art. Though one is merely 2 years old and the other a little short of 200, it is amazing to see the relevance both the works have in their subjects – living life, whether it is Ullyses or Walter.

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