To relationship and other things

I know. I know. It is a strange thing to write about when whole of your world is about to vanish in front of your eyes.

My foot hurts. It’s been more than fifteen days since it met with an injury. And being on bedrest, thinking about other things is the only thing I do all day. Though using my time in productive things is open for consideration, but i am lethargic.

Eh! Relationships. My misery. At times, i am desperate enough to do anything about it. It sounds foolish. Too much of anything is a bad thing, it is one of lessons life taught me. And it is wonderful to know that this applies to too much of free time too.

Facebook is your biggest enemy and friend at the same time. It helps you passtime by helping you waste it.

Relationship – What is it? I don’t know. Why am I attracted to it? Perhaps the romantic songs and films have to do something with it. How can I have one? I don’t know. What will I achieve if i get into a relationship? I don’t know. In essence, I am clueless about this trivial thing and yet I am attracted to it. Perhaps we are attracted to the unknown so much that we try to have it without giving a second thought to the purpose this will serve in life.

One friend of mine has a girlfriend. He’s smitten with her. From the little i know, they go to movies together. They show affection for each other in public gatherings. They talk to each other all day and night. And they share things such as issues, worries, and joyful moments with each other. It’s weird when I make it seem like It is ultimate thing in life to achieve.

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