Abhi Dilli Dur hai

May marked the end of my school life. The day when all of it ended. Bye Bye School Life & Hello and Welcome College Life.

A student of Humanities, options for me were limited. There was Simple BA, then there was BA Hons. [Insert any language]. Then, there was College – Dronacharya Govt. College or Govt. PG College. While the former was akin to my school, the latter was a bit different in terms of its crowd and its environment. Honestly, i detested both of them with an undying passion. Call me prejudiced, but they were simply not cup of tea. I wanted to live my college life. I wanted its drama, its experiences, its stories: I wanted to have it all, or nothing. Don’t get me wrong, both DGC and GPGC, are fine institutes. But I don’t know why, but i am not able to write down why i didn’t want them as my alma-mater.

Ever since I came to know a thing or two about college life, I wanted to study in DU. It was my dream to live my three years of college life as its student. I am a shy and clueless specimen of human, who acts weird around other people and often serves as figure of fun around people with his antiques. I no longer wanted to be that person, i wanted to open up to people. I wanted a group of few like-minded people as my friends and accomplices in college life. In summation, i wanted to be another average student of DU.

Not picky about colleges, i was happy to read in any college as long as it was affiliated with DU. My marks were enough for me to secure a seat in an evening College’s simple BA programme. I was happy. A dream I saw was coming true in front of my eyes. All of it, till there came a twist. This year, there was a new rule related to the way boards define practical and theory numbers in exams, and it prevented students of state boards from taking admission in DU unless they got 10% deduction in their marks. I was already getting 2.5% of my marks deducted due to having Physical Education as a subject in Best of 4 calculation, this 10% deduction rule rendered me disqualified for taking admission in the College. I remember my state of mind that day. There was a multitude of emotion and thoughts – sometimes it was their plan to stop pendu from entering into DU and securing seats for the city kids, and sometimes it was just another roadlock in my college life. Whatever it was, it was the thing that denied me admission into DU.

I wasn’t all teary-eyed about it, but yes there was a tinge of sadness. There is nothing like watching your dream getting shattered in front of your eye.

However, I was determined to be a student of DU. So, SOL was the one to my rescue. Even if in the most remote sense, but it provided me with the sense that i was a student of DU.

Everyone has to make compromises in life now and then. I made one, and it took me a little to learn to live with it. In the beginning, i hated my decision, but time heals or atleast it tries to heal everything, in my case it did heal. I have come to accept my decision.

In the meanshile, one of my friends managed to get into DU. While I myself was somewhat gloomy, I was genuinely happy for him.

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