What I think it to be

It has been nine months since I passed out from Govt. School. I spent the two last years of my school life there and now in the night, when I ask myself if there is anything about there to remember, I find it difficult to come up with any apt answer.

On a second note, maybe there is something. I had a tale of unrequited love, and a few friendships there.

I do not miss it like I used to miss RHMPS. It is different. It is like i try to avoid bad memories of there and in between now and then, there is one or two good memories.

I’d start with my unrequited love. I saw once or twice after school. Much hasn’t changed. She looked the same to me. But I am not so sure about myself. Now when i look back, the love which i felt back then, now seems more like infatuation.

Faces which I used to see daily and greet, I haven’t seen them for many months and the only source of touch is facebook and whatsapp. Nowadays, i have virtually no one to talk to. Granted I’m an introvert, but sometimes it can be unnerving to not talk to anyone.

Girlfriend, I have and I had, none. Chances of getting one are even more slim now. Since I am pursuing my UG from distance, it is also more of a fantasy that I’d meet some new and interesting humans of opposite sex. Regret, there is none. However, there is one or two thoughts about it now and then.

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